The Best Entertainment App- Movietube


MovieTube App is one of the most anticipated and culminating application for watching free films and television serials and programs on your Android smartphone. You have to just download the application from the Google Play Store and enjoy watching boundless movies and serials of television.


Features :

  • The application has unique features like featuring and downloading the movies on the go, unlike other entertainment applications present in the application market.
  • The movies and serials can be organized and sorted according to year, genre, most viewed, most rated, latest and language. This makes watching and browsing movies and serials easier. Specific movies and serials can be bookmarked to watch later.
  • Trailers and details of the movies or serials are available and you can instantly on check them before watching the movies.
  • There are loads of HD movies available to download for free. Almost all entertainment videos are available including animations, cartoons, live shows, documentaries and much more.
  • Reviews and comments can be posted and even read for your convenience. You don’t have to peek anywhere for reviews of any movie or serial
  • You can select from various video quality options depending upon your data speed. It enables you to watch the movies and serials even with a slow data connectivity.
  • The application offers almost every movie in various languages with subtitles.
  • You can Share the application with your friends through social networking platforms and get free rewards and points.


You can either download the application directly from the Google Play Store or you can download the apk file and install the application manually. For the iOS platform on Mac and iPhone you can install the Movietube app manually. Just follow some simple steps. Download the application .apk file. Further, go the the “Settings” option of your mobile and open ‘security’. Then enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Finally, click on Downloaded Movietube.apk file and enjoy the best movies for free.

Sexual Assault


The term sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the consent of the victim. It is a crime of power and control. It is a form of sexual violence, and includes rape, groping, forced kissing, child sexual abuse, or the torture of the person in a sexual manner. Rape is often a term used by lawyers or legal law practitioners to specifically include sexual penetration without consent.

In legal terms, sexual assault is a statutory offense in countries like Toronto, etc. Canadian law has various sections to deal with this offence such as Section 265 of the Criminal Code, Section 271 criminalizes “Sexual assault”, section 272 criminalizes “Sexual assault with a weapon, threats to a third party or causing bodily harm” and section 273 criminalizes “Aggravated sexual assault”.slogan

Cases have clearly indicated that the force doesn’t always refer to physical pressure. Perpetrators use psychological force, emotional constraint, or manipulation to push a victim into non-consensual sex. Some perpetrators will use threats to force a victim to comply, such as threatening to hurt the victim or their family or other intimidation tactics.

The majority of perpetrators are known to the victim. Toronto sexual assault and other cases have shown that the victim faces a lot of effects such as economic effects, physical effects, and emotional effects, etc. sexual assault lawyer toronto are lawyers hired by the victim to defend themselves against perpetrators in the court of law.

If an accused person is found guilty and must face sentencing on a sexual assault charge, the sentence could range anywhere from no time in jail at all to a maximum of 18 months or 10 years depending on the decision of the judge. Since a sexual assault allegation can cover a wide range of assaultive behavior from groping someone to full intercourse, each case is considered individually in order to assess the appropriate punishment.

The Toronto government has established a Sex Offender’s Registry to track and monitor persons who have been convicted of sexual offences in accordance with the Canadian Law. The Sex Offenders Registry is not public information, and the names and addresses of persons on the registry are not made public. The Registry is used by police officers and certain other organizations to track sex offenders and investigate sexual offenses.

Sexual assault victims often need extensive emotional support. Many victims are reluctant to seek help because of their fear that thinking or talking about their experience will be too painful. However, most victims find counseling helpful in the process of recovering and moving on with their life.
Some victims find it very difficult to resume their habits, lifestyles, and sexual relationships. This collection of symptoms is called the rape trauma syndrome; this can last several months.

A number of treatment options can help them to cope with this complicated emotional issues surrounding sexual trauma. Early treatment may help  them to reduce their risk of long-term problems with depression, anxiety, or post traumatic stress disorder.images

Counseling or psychotherapy can be helpful in dealing with the events of the assault itself as well as the anger, fear, depression, or anxiety that many people feel afterwards.

Antidepressant are recommended if they have emotional or psychological problems that are severe or do not improve with counseling alone. Medication can help to manage symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and flashbacks, startling easily at sudden noise and constantly alert

Types Of Properties We Clean


Being a diversely serving company, there are hardly any properties that we dont cater to. Being the leaders in our industry, we have serve and will continue to serve various fronts  of companies, industries, homes, offices, commercial complexes and small or large stores, alike.

We take pride in our high-class services and our ability to have please thousands of our clients with our timely services. So, don’t wait for long. Choose your preferred service and give us a (8)

Commercial complexes:

We aim to reach out to our customers by giving quality services at cheap and affordable rates. No matter how big the complex is, if we have taken the responsibility, then we will deliver only high-class cleaning services in Toronto. Our daily cleaning services are here to make work easy for you.


Every office looks its best when the office cleaning toronto service agency is us. Trust in us to make your office smell fresh every day. Let us transform the boring atmosphere of the offices. We assure you, when it comes to cleaning services in Toronto, there is none like us! Our everyday cleaning service to offices all  around Toronto are the best one can opt for.


It is of prime importance for a home to stay clean and fresh. A clean home is the beginning of a good and healthy life. Realizing this, we make sure that our services leave your home feeling and looking like your home.

We keep your kitchen clean by providing specialized steam based cleaning services which clean out every single dirt, stain and oil spots. The floors and walls of your bathroom are made to shine like they were new. We clean, polish, spray and sanitize your bathrooms to get them in their best conditions.


We know it difficult it can get trying to get a cleaning service to make the floors of your industry shine, and at a convenient price. That is why we are here to help you out in your time of need. We have all the right people and the most-suited equipment to make the place light up. Our fast-paced services will have your workplace and home sparkling clean in a matter of a short time. Our highly fast and technologically advanced equipments help our workers do the needful in no time. From the smallest to the biggest of tasks are taken care of by us. All you have to do is give us a call and sit back and relax as we take the magic wands in our hands and do what we do best.images (14)

There is no stain or dirt that can skip past our eyes. Starting from the dust stuck in the nooks and crannies of your home, to the persistent stains on your hardwood floor, every single unwanted particles is as good as gone.

We also specialize in steam-based cleaning of carpets, curtains, binds etc. amongst cleaning, waxing and polishing of marbles and tiles. We are an all-time cleaning service agency who provide regular as well as occasional cleaning services.

Love Spell For Beginners


In case you have had some experience with love spells and you want to expand your spell repertoire. We have the right kind of beginner love spell for you, it’s easy and the items you need are not out of this world. We want to remind you though that love spells vary from one person to the next, some people have a kind of affinity to them while other can’t seem to make it work but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

Love Spells for Lost Love

This is the best love spell for those who have truly loved someone but were forced to part ways due to struggles, circumstances and personal reasons. You can try using this love spell to reunite with them.

  1. Purchase six candles, one of each colour: green, yellow, blue and green. The last two candles should be in the colour pink.
  2. Place the candles in the fashion of a compass. Red candles at the south, green on the north, yellow in the east and blue on the west.
  3. Carefully light all six of the candles, get a hold of the two pink candles, one in each hand. While holding the candles, face the red candle and chant “majestic Goddess, almighty God, hear my plea! Lords of fire please burn my desire, time three if ever we are meant to be, bring (name of loved one) back to me.”
  4. Now, all you have to do is let the candles burn until they have died on their own.


Love Spell for Your Soul Mate

This spell is only for those who are ready to really meet the person suited for them at this moment in their lives. We highly go against using this spell just out of curiosity; you need to want this in sincerest ways.

  • Grab a special kind of paper like parchment or decorative payment. Also, you need to use special writing equipment like quills or calligraphy markers since this shouldn’t be just your everyday common stuff. Lastly, you’ll need moon incense, charcoal and a small box shaped like a heart.
  • The best time would be after dark and you should enforce your aura through cleansing. Write powerful words that will call the perfect partner to you, avoid writing names.


  • Thoroughly contemplate on the words while meditating, as you do this light the charcoal. When the charcoal is glowing, sprinkle a tablespoon of moon incense. Once you feel that you are fulfilled, fold the paper and place it in the heart shaped box and store it securely.

Find The Best Payday Loan At Cardinal.Fi


Being an adult will have you feel very superior. Not only will you be very confident as you go through different areas in life, but you will also soon start to feel accomplished as you start to care and finance yourself as well. It may be difficult having to go through bills and certain payments that make you officially an adult, but once you are able to get pass through them, it will be a very fulfilling experience that has you proud. Being an adult is hard, but if hard work pays the bills, then it’s best to keep on going!

Financing Yourself During Sticky Situations

There will be times where you’ll not be able to afford to pay the bills. It may be due to emergencies, or you may have forgotten about them! Some bills end up being unexpected. It can be difficult at time,s especially if you’re one who’s living by the payday and easily budgets their finances. It may also be a bit daunting for some who have unexpected debt for the first time as an adult!


What are Payday Loans?

Payday loans are quick and short-term loans that will have you pay your due debts in no time. An advantage of payday loans is the fact that you are able to borrow and get the cash you need quickly, so long as you adhere to the requirements and submit them on time. Some even pay as fast as 24 hours! The downside is the fact that it comes with a high-interest rate, but considering your financial situation, it may be needed in order for you to pay your bills and be able to get out of that rut immediately.

What is Cardinal.Fi?

But the question is: Where should you get your payday loans? There are thousands of online lenders and people around your area that can cater to lending you money, so it may be difficult choosing one that is reputable and will be able to give you what you need. Luckily, you can visit for that!

slide_04 is a website based in Finland designed to show you all the options you are able to get when it comes to looking for payday loans. They have a very user-friendly interface that only requires your age and the amount you need. You will then be shown options of the different payday loan websites you are able to borrow from. Once you have chosen the lender, you can visit their website and start the transaction! It’s easy and gets the job done in no time.

In Conclusion

There are ways to finance yourself and get the support you need in order to pay off those bills. You will be able to borrow money from loved ones, or you may even sell a few of your items to get extra cash. But sometimes, it may not be enough and it will take time. That’s why there are payday loans found form that will be able to help you with that!

Why Personalize Your Motorbike With Yamaha Graphics?


Have you ever wanted to own a motorbike of your own? Or do you own one already? Either way, you probably know the many benefits these bikes have when using it. Not only will you be able to go through rough terrains and commute easily with its size, but you get to drive in style and look classy or awesome as you cruise the city with your motorbike. Bit what’s a great way to upgrade your bike in a way that would impress not only your loved ones, but the people around you? This is where personalizing and designing your bike comes along!

Why Should You Personalize Your Motorbike?

There are a tons of ways you can personalize your motorbike, from painting it yourself or having it professionally done. But the question is: Why should you bother personalizing it in the first place, especially when you can simply choose a neat premade design when upon purchasing your motorbike?


Here are some reasons why personalizing your motorbike is pretty awesome:

  1. It gives you a touch of your attitude and personality, truly making the motorbike yours to own!
  2. You get to impress family, friends, and other drivers with your cool graphics and uniquely designed motorbike.
  3. The design you choose will be able to have you easily identify your motorbike if lost or looking for it in the parking area!
  4. There are a ton of neat designs to choose from, and many require little to no effort when installing it! Plus, they are affordable while still giving you the benefits mentioned above.

With these benefits, it can make any motorbike owner want to personalize and design their motorbike! The next question is: How should you design your motorbike?

Personalize Your Motorbike With Yamaha Graphics

With yamaha graphics, you will easily be able to personalize your motorbike as quickly and efficiently as possible. Yamaha graphics are kits that can be stuck onto your motorbike, with various designs to choose from depending on the parts you want to design. It’s also very affordable, with good prices depending on the style and size of graphics you choose.



You can either buy premade designs or customize your own, and with easy installation, it makes it a cost-effective choice. You will be able to purchase Yamaha graphics in your local bike shop, or even through Yamaha’s official online store, where there are tons of designs available for you to choose from and purchase.

In Conclusion

Personalizing your motorbike has got a ton of advantages. So if you want to personalize your motorbike, you can do so with the help of Yamaha graphics! With quality decals and designs, you definitely will be assured that they are made to last and will impress everyone around you. What are you waiting for? Check out Yamaha’s official online store or go to your local bike shops to see the available designs to purchase. You definitely won’t regret it!

Raw, Natural Beauty: Phi Phi Islands


What it is

There’s a long vacation list under the categories, “island”, “beach”, and “pristine waters”. But if you’re looking for a few extra things such as exceptional restaurants, tropical bars, shopping destination, you’d best schedule your next long retreat in Thailand’s Phi Phi island tours.

40 miles south-east of the coast of Phuket, these 6 islands are the home of rich coral and aquatic life.

Check-in at your choice of the islands’ excellent hotels to start enjoying your getaway.


What to Do

With so many amenities on offer, it’s hard to know where to begin. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

The best attribute of the islands is, of course, their raw natural beauty. And truly raw in every sense, as only one out of the six islands, Koh Phi Phi Don, is inhabited. Imagine long stretches of white sand, crisp blue water, and the untamed vista of tropical jungles. No doubt, this inspired its developers to build what is now the complete entertainment experience.

Have an adventure: The resort’s team of professionals are there to guide you on a scuba trip to discover spectacular flora and fauna; explore the formidable limestone caves or scale limestone mountains.

Try Thai Cuisine: With indoor or outdoor setups, serving Thai or Western food (or a little of both), its list of restaurants will keep any belly happy. They even host a cooking class on Thai cuisine.


Shop till you Drop: Not just your average souvenir stop: the resorts have everything from bazaars, boutiques, a shopping alley and even a fresh produce market!

Visitors can end the day by relaxing in their comfy hotel or party the night away in one of the many themed clubs.

When to Visit

Don’t plan your escapade in the monsoon season! Beware the rainy bouts from May until December. Warm, toasty weather awaits from January to April.

Do You Have The Right To Get A Tx Owcp Doctor?


Working as an adult holds many benefits. One of the most important ones would be the medical benefits you receive, especially if you are one working in a physical job! There is a TX OWCP Doctor you will be able to choose if ever you end up injured or sick due to the work your job entails you to do. But what exactly do you get when it comes to your working compensation? It can get confusing and a bit difficult to understand, especially if your job can have you sick or injured! It’s best to know your compensation if ever that happens in order for you to fully get your rights as an employee and be fully supported while recovering

About the Workers Compensation Program

This program ensures that those employees who are injured while doing their job will get what they need to ensure speedy recovery and benefits that will have them be supported even while injured and not working. Sometimes accidents happen, and it can be unfortunate, especially if you are on the job and need the money. Fortunately, the Workers Compensation Program will help you.

Medical Benefits


With the Workers Compensation Program, you get certain medical benefits such as surgery, medicine, and other medical-related things that may be needed for your injury or sickness. You are also entitled to a TX OWCP doctor that specializes in what you need. You are also entitled to the transportation expenses going to the hospital if ever your injury requires you to. You also have the right to choose which TX OWCP doctor or hospital you want to treat your injury. BUT, if you would like to change your physician, you won’t be able to do so unless it is through your expense, or if you were referred by the physician assigned to you from the Workers Compensation Program.

Temporary Injury

If ever the employee suffers from an injury that may take the time to heal, then he may request to recover with pay as long as it does not last longer than 45 days or take up all his sick or annual leaves. If ever it does exceed that, then he will need to request for a sick leave or go on a leave without pay, depending on what the worker and company negotiate.

Permanent Injury


If ever the worker suffers from permanent injury due to his line of work, then the program gives certain compensation depending on what body part was affected, such as 160 weeks of compensation for loss of sight in one eye. There will also be a loss of earning compensation if the worker is unable to get back to another job again. The allowance will not exceed $200 per month. If ever an attendant or nurse is needed, then the fees should not exceed over $1500 a month.

If you have sustained an injury during work, you have the right to choose your TXOWCP doctor and ask for compensation. Learn more and ask about it through various websites and contacting the Department of Labor.

Where And How To Get Dentures


There may be times where you need a set of dentures in order to keep your smile shiny and white for people to be impressed with. There may be various reasons why people need dentures, may it be through age or from certain accidents! Either way, these are needed in order for you to not only have the confidence boost in smiling but to also reap the many other benefits dentures have! These are good and affordable ways to get your teeth back to its former glory. With dentures, you can eat and smile properly without any discomfort or shyness within. Plus, they won’t even look as if they were dentures at all!

How and Where to Get Dentures?

Are you interested in getting a new set of dentures? Then great! You’ll be able to have it installed in your local dentist’s office. There are various places where you can get dentures, but the first thing is to choose the right one that will be able to give you the quality set of dentures you deserve. Here are some considerations when choosing a good dentist:


  • Location

Location matters, as you won’t want to be purchasing a ticket just to see your dentist! Search for ones that are around your town and are accessible for you. That way, you won’t have to go far just to get your dentures!

  • Dentist License

Your dentist matters, and it’s best to find one who is well-educated in dentistry, holding a legitimate and legal license to do so. That way, you can be trusted that he is doing the right job in getting your quality set of dentures and you have nothing to worry about.

  • Feedback From Patients

Patient feedback is very important as well, especially when you want a good quality set of dentures! Ask around, may it be through online forums or recommendations from family. The more positive reviews, the better chances of getting the dentures you need!

  • Budget

Depending on the location of the office and your dentist, the price of dentures vary but they are all in the same range. But it doesn’t hurt to save or spend a it on a good dentist! Setting a budget will help filter your choices and make sure that you are getting someone that won’t burn a hole in your savings or wallet!


In Conclusion

Dentures have many benefits you are able to reap, and they can be quite cost-effective as well! So if you are interested in getting a new set of dentures, then you will be able to see updated cost of dentures in various websites or through a visit to your dentist’s office. With a great set of dentures and the many benefits they are able to reap, you will be smiling widely and proudly in no time at all! So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with your dentist and check if you will need dentures or to have one made today! You definitely won’t regret it!

Use the Pokemon Map and Catch Em All!

Have you ever wanted to be a Pokemon trainer in real life? There may be times where you’ve always wanted to become your own character in the game, exploring and battling it off with different trainers and people! It sucks that you won’t be able to find any real Pokemon around the fields or your area, nor will you be able to truly meet new people who would like to battle with you. But all that is about to change! Through Pokemon Go, you are now able to become Pokemon champion all through the help of your phone.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps today. From avid fans of Pokemon to beginners, this has people becoming the Pokemon trainers they want to be, roaming around the area and catching all the Pokemon they can to fill their Pokedexes and battle it off. They are able to visit gyms and create their own to increase their status, as well as meet new people and let their Pokemon rest in various Pokestops. Not only that but players are also able to use items such as lures to capture good and legendary Pokemon!images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRksODk7T6tf1xaFONZOIBpnW20tGUHbR5IHxQDB_PHckxfY3Ff Unfortunately, the map is a bit limited, with it only showing the different gyms, Pokemon and Pokestops near your area and not the whole city! But other third-party developers have created a solution to that, which is called the Pokemon Map.Pokemon-GO-Tech2-720-624x351

What is the Pokemon Map?

The Pokemon Map is a universal map made for Pokemon Go players around the world. It can come in apps or websites, where you are able to either gather information about the exact whereabouts of certain Pokemon or to contribute your findings as well, helping people out in finding the Pokemon hey want or need for their Pokedex!

To access a Pokemon Map, simply go to any website or install trusted apps that are able to offer ou the latest updates of your area, showing you the different kinds of Pokemon you can catch in certain areas. No need to waste time constantly walking around and searching for that wanted Pokemon because you are now able to do so quickly and efficiently with the help of the Pokemon Map! Take advantage of the upgrades and technology Pokemon has for you and catch them all, awarding yourself title as champion of the app.

Define Brand Loyalty


Brand loyalty can simply be defined as the faithfulness of the customer towards a particular brand. The customer’s shopping pattern suggests that he/she favors a brand among others and goes out of the way to buy products from that particular brand. Companies are smart enough to devise marketing strategies that ensure customer loyalty with trials and incentives that keep them coming back the more. Inc is the authority in brand building and has lots of great material to establish a brand that endures everything. It takes a lot of time and effort to attain customer loyalty but it’s possible and it’s worth every bit.

It’s surprising to see the kind of effect a brand has on someone. That effect is so deep that some people are recognized by the brand they wear or buy certain products of the brand they use often. Some people remain fiercely loyal to one brand throughout their lives.  It’s no surprise that in the Smartphone world, people like to associate themselves with only one brand, if they are comfortable with a particular brand they are seen using phones from the same company and do not prefer trying out new phones. There are forums online that appraise high end phones from certain brands in detail and compare all the top models. Customers who are loyal to a certain brand support their brand vehemently and don’t mind trashing phones from other brands on the Internet.

Smartphones are a great example for premium brand experience, however, brands have been creating experiences for their customers long before smartphones cave into the picture. Brand loyalty is very difficult to earn and even harder to maintain. It’s not just for the product, that the customers keep returning to; it’s because there’s a unique relationship between the brand and the customer that goes beyond just providing a service. These are some of the things employed by his brands:


  1. Connecting with customers.

Today’s customers want more than just a product they are buying, they want the experience of purchasing to entail something. Therefore automobiles brands like Audi and BMW are offering a sensory package. The feel of the smooth leather, the smell and everything else lets you know that the machine was specifically designed for you.

  1. Knowing customer needs

Knowing what the customers want and providing them that is fine, but knowing what they might want is the real deal. Many online retailers have made a fortune by doing just that. Providing customers with suggestions by studying their purchase patterns has driven online sales to a new high. It’s important to understand that this approach is not always successful. This is exactly what happened with the Apple Newton, the product was ahead of its time and was received poorly by the consumers.

  1. Never compromising on Quality.

It’s a  premium brand’s duty to provide quality on their products. The customers expect nothing less, and that is why they have decided to stick with them for so long. However, brand loyalty is not built by providing a product, it’s the consistency in quality with which the brand delivers is what makes the customers stay loyal. If the brand slips even once, they risk creating a negative perception about their brand.


Confronting negative brand perception is figure than building a brand. Therefore consistency in service is of utmost importance to ensure customer loyalty.

Apart from all this companies also use brand ambassadors and consumers that market their brand in a positive light. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing is very effective and can bring in new customers. The marketplace is constantly evolving and the brands can only do so much to not lag behind the big players. Social media presence has become a must for brands to engage with their customers. Having a page in any one platform has made brands more accessible to their customers.  Some brands are even using social media as a means to handle customers complaints and grievance. The Inc website is the leading authority on the subject and is the go-to place for those who are looking to establish their brand

Explore the wonderful arena of the game with physical barriers in the digital world!!

There is an abundance of varieties to choose from, in the digital world of video games. The plethora of internet has always quenched to draw the attention of gaming maniacs towards the arena of digital games, especially in mobile space as any giant task can be performed by a small mobile handset. As the technology is roaring at its peak, there is still a lot to be discovered in the gaming world. One such game is happy wheels, which is drawing lot of attention these days, especially among youth. Only in few months, this game has managed to earn both appreciation and recognition in the digital world.happy-wheels-09-700x388 The happy wheels game is a perfect combination of some amazing graphic violence and adventure which is based on the subject of ragdoll physics. It has changed the boring schedule of life and has added a new dimension to it, as people can enjoy in their free time by this adventurous game. This game is a live proof that Physics cannot be that boring for people as it upholds an adventurous experience. Fancy Force, who is the creator of this game, added some wonderful color-schemes and graphics to the game that takes it to a whole new level. This game of happy wheels ensures an unlimited fun and an adventurous experience to the player along with unique activities to learn from.screen520x924

Primary objective of the game

The primary goal of the game involves, selecting a unique vehicle and exploring the path of the game so that the player can locate the exit point and witnessing a successful win. The main objective of the game is to cross all the hurdles of the race and reach a concluding point to ensure a promising win. The mechanics of the game may vary with the choice of character and the vehicles for covering the path. Along with that, collecting the tokens during the race will enhance the level of the game, increasing the player’s score, accordingly. Collection of these tokens helps in buying of various upgrades and resources of the game.

Happy wheels offer a side-scrolling game play, enhancing the display of the game and the enhanced graphical experience for the player. The daring hurdles of the game can crush the player, which increases the level of adventure for the player. Along with the graphics, animations of the game are also simply amazing as the loss of limbs creates a special effect in the game.

Being an enthusiastic game player in the digital world, the player will be amazed by its innumerable features. One such feature is about customizing your own level; the player can enhance the gaming experience by customizing the stage levels according to the choice. With the help of various tools and objects, the player of the game customizes the level, using guns, blocks, etc. So, if you are a gaming maniac too, then the game of happy wheels is a must play.

Modern Day Business Phones

Man with smart phone on hand, blurred background

The very fact how mobile phones have changed our lives can be interpreted from the dependency it created across all walks of life. Mobile phones are largely categorised into major sections known as personal device and business device. All leading mobile manufacturers have tried over the years to cater to consumers belonging to both the brackets. The emergence of business mobile is a recent thing but it took the market by storm. Businesses involving large monetary amounts are being carried out by these portable pocket devices and this is surely going to strike the right chord among people and it has successfully done so.

Business mobile phones are abundant in the market. Almost all mobile brands have a flagship product for business purposes. This revolution was first started by Blackberry. Launched in the market as a business brand specializing in business mobiles only, it is facing a stiff competition from its rivals such as Samsung, apple, Microsoft and Lenovo etc. Earlier known as Research in motion (RIM), Blackberry launched products with its own OS, features and compatibility. But the complexity involved and difficult UI made way for android to come in. With the introduction of android, people started choosing android for business purposes. To follow the relay, blackberry also started following the suite and what consumers got is ample number of companies offering business phones. The market now is flooded with brands claiming to sell the best business mobiles. Now while you sit there confused about which phone to choose, let’s take a ride and see what the models that are ruling the market are.

Man with smart phone on hand, blurred background

The first name that comes up is Microsoft. After taking over the once undisputed mobile brand Nokia, Microsoft has extended its service in the mobile phone domain. Microsoft is synonymous with office desktop, laptop and computer peripherals. So the trust on Microsoft regarding carrying out business, has been long. So they have extended this trust in the mobile phone market also. Their flagship product Lumia comes with all business applications. Super fast operating system in the form of Windows 10, pre-installed Microsoft office and the indispensable Skype will surely ease your business. Lumia 950 and 950XL are the ultimate business mobile set. They have 3GB RAM, 32GB onboard storage, 2k display color and 20 megapixel rear camera will carry business enterprise as well as personal purpose. Available globally, this mobile is ruling the market.

When it comes to business mobile, why should Apple stay behind! Apple has a large customer base and with its product 6S and 6s plus it has augmented its consumer base. It has a 5.5 inch display screen and a powerful A9 processor and iOS heritage. It will be the perfect business mobile for you as it can uninterruptedly handle multi-tasking. With loads of additional features such as Siri, touch id, 3D touch and ios9, this phone is a prized token. This phone received positive response from users around the world. This product is extremely popular in USA and China.

The path breaker and the inceptor of android, Samsung is constantly trying to hold the Numero Uno position. Samsung has got couple of business mobile sets which will surely attract you. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge comes with an impressive configuration apt for business purpose. Samsung includes fantastic features with every release and these handsets are no different. With these handsets Samsung has integrated android office along with device management container solution, Knox. This management system offers multi-layered military grade security system for your device and data. The Knox workspace feature offers the additional faculty of multi tasking. The additional workspace feature will help you carry out your business properly as well as tackle your personal life seamlessly. Galaxy 6s edge comes with a curved edge and the look is quite attractive.


Samsung also has a product to cater to your business needs. This product is a magnificent prodigy for business purpose. This business mobile is known as Galaxy Note 4. It comes with a 5.7 inch QHD display screen, studded with 3GB RAM and robust battery life. So now you can carry out your business seamlessly as the battery back up is commendable. The S Pen comes in the same package and it improves your accuracy and makes multi-tasking much easier for you. A powerful device, you should give it a thought.

The creator of the business mobile, Blackberry still has its foot in the market. With blackberry Priv and Blackberry classic it is negotiating its position in the business mobile market. After a long hiatus, Blackberry has embraced android and has undergone a radical change in its feature. The signature blackberry sliding keypad is done away with and touch keypad is available now. Blackberry brand along with android and multilayered security cover makes this model a prodigy.

The blackberry Classic is another example of the antiquated blackberry product. Blackberry hasn’t with time changed their signature style. They have continued with the sliding qwerty keypad and old looks. If you are a vintage fan of Blackberry, then this product will serve your needs perfectly. Military grade security features will provide the additional cover for your business data. This business mobile runs on blackberry OS10 with 720*720 pixel screen display. Powerful battery backup upto 22 hours makes this an attractive kit. Business will be swifter and you will also have the blackberry trust with you.


The last brand which deserves your recognition and attention is Lenovo. This computer manufacturer brings to you KM80 which is a smart device when it comes to handling business stuff. The sleek design phone has already received thumbs up from tech pundits. The features will just blow your mind. 4GB RAM and 64GB storage makes this phone equivalent to a computer. Quad Core Intel CPU makes this phone razor fast. Local warranty is unavailable for this Device and this is the only glitch for this device.

Granted with time, today there are a lot of options out there for you if you are out to choose a business mobile for yourself. Choose the right one! At least you will have one less thing to worry about.