A paunch, flab oozing out from the side of your body will surely piss you off anytime. If you are a lady, you surely want to grab all those attractive garments that you see applied on a mannequin. You obviously don’t want to disappoint yourself every time by settling for a large size dress hampering your style. Looks, outfit and attitude have become an important ingredient of a successful and attractive person. If you follow the glam world, having a curvaceous body is a must. If you don’t have that, you will miss something.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcQw1qWrDVeg-FgKEVueoMYcyBLrtwM63oUlsu97hQDxV4J6_pDMAA

Kayla Itsines addressed this issue with the best possible way. She has actually started a 12-week bikini body guide program which will ensure that you attain a perfectly toned bikini body. Your excess fats will be burnt and an attractive body will be final outcome. Along with a strict routine of exercise, Itsines has also complimented your effort with a journal on your food chart. Yes she has enhanced this bikini body guide program with a complete section of what to eat.IMG_3035

This is generally a 12-weeks program which will ensure that you achieve a bikini body. The journals that she has penned down contain a lucidly written and gradual guide program. The subscription charges for the program start at $69.97 and it covers your entire program. The program is so effective that world-renowned magazines have mentioned and acknowledged this program. Verve, Daily Mail, Elle and other fashion magazines have all applauded the efforts of Kayla. They have recently launched an app for iOS and android users. The subscription charges there is as low as $19.99. So you can now readily install the app and see everything about the bikini body guide program in your smart-phone or tablet.

Now once you enroll you will have journals and guide books to refer to. The guide book contains all the procedures involved in the exercise process. It will welcome you with some really motivating words from Kayla Itsines herself and all world-renowned fitness trainers. The program starts with low intensity and light exercises. The frequency of repeating those exercises is on the lower side initially. Once you will go ahead with the program, the number of exercises and its frequencies will be increased. You have to hit hard gradually and ascertain that you perform everything as per directed. Once you get into the groove you will surely start seeing positive results. The food guide is an excellent consultation medium. It will help you choose your food so that you have adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fluid. You will start to have high energy foods, starch and veggies. This is a 14-day program and this springboard will help you to start your diet in a mannered way. Cardio exercise is extremely important if you want to shed some weight. High intensity cardio exercises guide is also there which spans for 12 weeks.

Reviews and comments regarding this program insist that it has become an instant hit with the customers. Hope that it provides a new path for all those women out there looking for an attractive body.