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Welcome to Ginger Bread Bagels. This is a general blog on cooking, health, fitness, DIY, crafts and many more. I roberthave gone through a huge transformation recently. I lost about 20 pounds in just 6 months. The only thing I did was change my eating habit. I used to eat gigantic meals three times a day. My breakfast menu used to start with cheese with no whole grains or veggie. Instead of having three big meals, I started having six small meals and that did the trick. I started losing weight fast.

This blog is about planning your meal wisely for the whole day. You will get little recipes on the little food you can eat throughout the day. The blog contains health tips, fitness advices, product reviews and many more posts related to health, food and fitness. Besides maintaining my health, I love making crafts and do work around the house myself. DIY activities fascinate me. I think it makes you clever and fit. You will find various DIY tips in this blog as well. Craft is another area I’m interested in. I have shared some of the crafts I have made home using simple materials. By reading this blog you will find some interesting things to do in your spare time. Hope you have fun reading my blog.