Nowadays, dating has been made simple due to the availability of so many dating apps.  Some might help you get the right person while others might lead you to the wrong person. You are supposed to be carefully in the way you choose the app you entrust to find your date. So before you go around looking for a dating app, there are several dating rules each and every single person needs to know. review-tastebuds-dating-app

The Man Should be the one to initiate the date, the woman should foot the bill

That way, it looks like a win-win to both dates and you will go home contented and satisfied. The man should be the one to approach you online, suggest for a date and when you meet, the woman should foot the bill of your first day out together.

Take Less Than 15 Minutes To Decide If You Got The Right Date

If you can hold a conversation and be into each other for fifteen minutes, chances are you are going to have a second date with the same person. But if fifteen minutes seem like a century, then that is not the right person for you and no need to continue but split at that. Be polite and excuse

Be Honest

Being honest when on the dating app is the best policy. Make sure you use your exact names, age, be accurate on where you stay, your passion, and what you are really looking for in the relationship. Do you want a relationship that will lead into marriage or you just to want to have a  good time with your date? Make sure from the word go, your partner knows you inside and out. If you are dishonest, then along the way when your relationship you are at your peak, your other a half finds out, it might cause a wound which might be hard to heal.

Don’t want to know everything on the first date

You have gotten someone using a dating appand you have agreed on the first date.  Avoid asking for sex on your first date as it might give bad signals that you are only after the physical attraction of your partner. If you hold up, it will create mystery and a chance for you to have a second date, but if you release everything to date one, the chances of meeting again are nil.