It is very important to be in contact with other people no matter your status in society.  Using WhatsApp plus messenger you will be able to communicate instantly with a group of friends or associates. It is one of the cheapest ways to pass information for business or social purposes and that is what has made it be very popular. It has users of over a half a billion all over the world. Due to its free messaging, everyone is scrambling to download it on their smartphone devices. It is perfect for group chats, sharing photos or videos. Read details  how you will get WhatsApp Plus Messenger Download link.

What is WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus is not an official application from the original WhatsApp developers. It sometimes ran into legal trouble with the official WhatsApp developers and that made it not to be available in app stores such as iTunes and Google play. There is also a warning from official WhatsApp developers that, since WhatsApp plus is an unofficial third party application, the chances of them sharing your information with third parties is high.


Steps To Install WhatsApp Plus

First, you have to back up all your files, conversations, and shared media. Go to the WhatsApp Setting,  select Chat Setting, and back up your files. Once the backup is finished, do an uninstall of the WhatsApp application from your device which might be difficult depending on the type of device you are using. After uninstall is complete, google for the WhatsApp Plus that is compatible with your device. If you are an Android user, get the WhatsApp Plus APK file and for iPhone users, get WhatsApp IPA file. Make sure you go to trustworthy sites to avoid downloading viruses to your device. Click on the link and the WhatsApp Plus Messenger download and other files will be downloaded to your device. Open the files after the download is complete and install it. In case the device prompts you if you want to install WhatsApp Plus Messenger, tap on OK or Accept, depending on what is displayed. From here,it is similar to installing the official WhatsApp where a code will be sent to your mobile phone for verification.


Why WhatsApp  Plus Messenger

With this app, you are assured of getting instant messages as it is one of the best instant messenger apps. The only downside of this app is, you need a mobile phone in order to create an account.