It seems like a bit tricky query for most of the leafy lovers but we will get them aware of the strongest weed in the world. Before getting deep into the answer we would like to share some information about strongest strains. Strongest strains are then ones which offer highest THC content. If you have a strain which surpasses 20% THC content, you can surely treat it as a very strong weed. These weeds with high THC percentage are pretty tough to find. Most of the countries have even established laws in order to ban the cultivation of these weeds.

Well, the job is little tricky, but finding strongest weed in the world is only possible when you explore quality online sources. Just remember THC content will vary in single weed according to environment conditions and growing techniques. For example, there is every possibility of you growing Kosher Kush strain with 22% THC and one of your friends situated in different location get the Kosher Kush strain with just 15% THC.


In recent times due to selective breeding and presence of strong genetics, it has really become possible to grow strong weed. Even here we will share out some nice high THC strains so just check them out:

  1. Girl Scout Cookies – These cookies have definitely become popular in very short time. The genetics used in Girl Scout Cookies is strong and some of the tests have resulted in 28% THC which is just massive. When you enjoy the cookies you are served with the warm relaxation of mind and body for several hours.
  2. Kosher Kush – If you have been part of cannabis world for a while, you must be aware of the Kosher Kush strain. This champion strain has the potential to get constant 20% THC but you are required to make use of a thick blanket of crystalline resin in order to wrap up the strain.
  3. Bruce Banner – Bruce Banner is a heavy duty hybrid which can easily offer you very high 29% percent of THC. This particular strain has been reported strongest strain by High Times in 2014.


It is pretty tough to find the strongest weed in the world but still the ones mentioned above will get you in high spirits in very quick time. Just use the best option and enjoy your life tension free.