GTST (Goede tijden, slechte tijden) is the most popular show in the Netherlands. Their popularity is highlighted by the fact that they have a website named gtst shortie that shows short summaries of each of their shows. While other shows have come and fazed and away in a couple of years, GTST has stood strong for 26 years and has completed over 5000 episodes in this period. The show was launched in October 1990 and a lot of people had no expectations from it. It was initially said to be an inspiration from ‘The Restless Years’ which was a popular Australian daily soap. uuid=486a2857-a5c8-4950-879e-f6fe7277c6f7

The producers of GTST realized that they had to be unique to survive and from the third season onwards followed its own course. The show is said to receive a viewership of over 1.5 million per episode which is staggering. Without doubt GTST is the highest rated show in the Netherlands. Although the show initially started focusing on standard soap operas scripts such as family dramas, they eventually got bolder and better as each season passed on.uuid=5cbd5a3f-36cf-4bb9-b346-7484256481ae

Another great part is their daily viewers have no way on missing the show due to gtst shortie. This short video summary website has a breakdown of each episode that has played and also has a spoiler section that gives a teaser of what can be expected from GTST in the weeks to come. Another unique thing about GTST is the summer break from June to September. This means that families can go on vacation and come back with the peace of mind knowing that they haven’t missed a single episode of their favorite show. So how do the producers ensure that the same viewers get hooked on to the show after the summer break? Three months is an awful long time. The answer is a cliffhanger.

GTST goes into the summer break with a cliffhanger that will keep the viewers wondering what happened next. While the initial cliff hangers would be based around family drama, cliffhangers from the past few seasons have involved unexpected twists and disasters. As the times have changed, GTST has also changed and that too for the better. They have pulled away from the boring family dramas and have started introducing controversial topics such as infidelity, drugs, jail and homosexuality. The fact that GTST portrays the truth and does not try to sugarcoat the reality of today’s world makes its popularity increase even more with the passing years.

With gtst shortie the makers of the show are also clever enough to tease the viewers with their upcoming controversies and family dramas. This keeps the interest growing much like a thriller or a suspense movie. Not many people are fans of boring shows that show the same plot and drama repeated on a daily basis. This is where GTST has captured the nerve of the people and gained its popularity. Every season has offered something different and interesting to watch. Only time will tell if this show continues to run successfully for another 26 years.