Summer is here and many people are still looking for ways to melt the extra layer of fat that they gained over the winter and the fall. Especially if they are looking to hit the beach, they are looking for the perfect beach body which is pure lean muscle but melting fat and getting lean is not easy because you need to maintain a fixed workout routine and most importantly you have to maintain a fixed diet. You’ll need to study the amount of calories to intake per day according to your weight and height and you need to limit your calorie intake to that by staying away from unhealthy food and junk food that carries saturated fat. You need to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables and protein that you include in your diet, decreasing the amount of fat and only having healthy fat and carbohydrate like brown rice, oat meals, seed extract oils and olive oil. It’s very important to realize the importance of diet and there are many programs that you can follow on YouTube or other channels which will help guide you to your goal. One of the very successful regimes that i personally believe in is the ’21 day fix’.fitness-class The ’21 day fix’ was created by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese. She has participated in many national fitness competitions and her credibility can be seen in her perfectly toned body. The reason that I love this regime so much is that it just doesn’t make you lose fat but also teaches you how to lead a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain a healthy diet. It is a 21 day routine where you need to work out every day for three weeks, for just 30 minutes every day. All you need is a yoga mat, dumbbells and a resistance band. The exercises are pretty simple and can be done by anyone. You don’t get bored of the exercises too as they are different for everyday. The exercises are a mixture of cardio, Pilates, yoga and some core exercises that will help you get lean, add shape and muscle to your body. The routine promises to make you lose 15 lbs of weight if you follow it completely, in just 3 weeks!jogging-running-exercise

You can order the 21 day fix online on Amazon and when you get the package, you’ll find that there a couple of DVD’s inside and a couple of boxes of different colour. You are supposed to watch all the DVD’s completely to understand all the exercises properly and the boxes show you the amount you are supposed to eat every day.

The reviews of 21 day fix  are very good and very satisfying with people saying that they finally learned how to live a healthy lifestyle, something they were trying to do for pretty long. Almost everyone has said that they lost at least 12 lbs of weight, if not 15lbs but losing 12 lbs of weight in 3 weeks is very impressive! Some of the exercises might seem a bit challenging but I’m pretty sure that if you have the real zeal in you to lose weight and adorn a flawless hard body, you can do it. All you need is some motivation and the ’21 day fix’ routine.