There are thousands of works for a woman to do every day. Doing all the household works from dawn to night is not easy. If there are kids, the situation becomes more hectic. Small babies often need all day monitoring by someone as  they can’t be left alone in rooms. The invention of baby monitors have made life of moms easy. Along with doing their own work, they can keep an eye on their child too from outside the room.


A baby monitor is a remote controlled system. It is used to keep an eye on  the activities that are done by a baby. There are various types of baby monitors. It can be a video baby monitor or an audio baby monitor.

A baby monitor that has a video camera fit in it is called as a baby cam. The camera is placed in the room  at a place from where one can get the clear view of the baby. The video camera is then connected to a portable screen. In this way one can keep watch of their child even from a distance. The video cameras that are used today have got a special feature of night vision. The work under low levels of lights. They have Infrared LEDs attached to them in the front that allows the user to even keep a watch on the baby in dark rooms. Some of the advanced baby cams today have got a feature of working over Wi-Fi too. This makes it easy to watch the baby through smart phones also.

Baby monitors can be wired or wireless. There are certain applications invented today that also works for baby monitoring. One can install a camera-equipped device in the baby’s room and install the app on their own phone. Then they can connect the device with the app through Wi-Fi.


The video baby monitor reviews have been good. Parents are finding it quite useful to look after their  baby without disturbing them in their sleep. The reviews have recorded nice comments for using the baby monitors and the parents’ who are using the same are suggesting other parents to use it too. The use of video baby monitors by  Motorola, Lorex, Levana, Infant Optics has been suggested as they have better features in comparison to others. Video baby monitors are of great use and it’s use should be promoted.