In today’s generation, most of the people have credit cards. The card which has a certain amount fixed in it for the people to spend and can be paid back in either installment or full amount is a credit card. The main advantage of the credit is that in the case of emergencies when it is difficult to get some cash, these cards are of great help. Although you do not have money to pay for it but you can always rely on the credit card and pay the amount of the card later within a given period either in installments or in full amount. It is not easy to get a credit card. One must follow the standard procedure to get a credit card. Different credit cards will have a different spending limit.

Concept of Credit Card Balance Transfer:

There are people who own more than a single credit card. When they own many credit cards they can transfer the balance in one credit card account to an account which is held at another credit card company. This arrangement is called as credit card balance transfer. This scheme is very much encouraged by mostly all the credit card companies to attract new customers. Such schemes attract customers because new credit card company will offer motivation such as interest at a low rate or a free-interest period, some incentive points or a combination of these.


This process does not take a long time but in fact, in some cases, it just takes a matter of few hours. The credit card companies have created automated services which will help to facilitate the balance transfer credit card. Additional to this, there may be other services which may not be free for the customers to use. Credit card companies use 0% introductory interest rates as a marketing strategy for years. The offer of interest-free can apply for the balance transfer, purchase or both. This is just an introductory offer used to attract customers. There are some cards that offer the 0% rate for quite a long period than others. The best offers that are currently available are:

  • Chase:

Chase Slate is an option which offers no fee for balance transfer. The 0% rate is for 15 months with no fee for balance transfer. Chase Slate provides its customers with zero liability protection, fraud alerts, fraud protection and purchase protection.

  • Citi:

This offers the 0% introductory rate for 21 months which is more than that offered by Chase. This is the longest period offer currently available. This introductory deal is offered on 2 Citi cards; Citi Diamond preferred card and Citi Simplicity card.

  • Discover:

Discover offers the card which combines 0% balance transfer with up to 5% cash back. It offers the 0% introductory rate for 14 months along with 3% balance transfer fee.


  • Capital One:

They have several 0% balance transfer offers. They have a Platinum Prestige card offers 0% rate on both purchases and balances for 15 months. They also offer an extended warranty program, 0% fraud liability and much more.


These are some of the best offers for balance transfer credit card. This scheme has been successful for a long time now and is useful to the customers in the long run. The only point is to concentrate on the kind of offer you are looking for which will be profitable to you.