Mexico is a 13th largest independent nation in the world and ranked 6th in the world by the UNESCO world heritage sites due to its rich culture and heritage. World’s most visited country, Mexico has blend of different types of cultural elements and art.

Due to its varied climate, culture and art, the ausflüge in mexiko has become very popular. People of different countries visiting Mexico especially Playa del Carmen to experience the beautiful sight and the world’s famous scuba diving destination.


If you are planning to visit Mexico, then you must acquire the Mexico holiday packages to have a wonderful experience to watch the incredible sight in Mexico. People visit Mexico to explore the city and to enjoy the varied Mexican food which are so delight and tasty.


There are some places in Mexico that people must visit to experience the rich cultural heritage and the beautiful scenery and the beaches. These places are – Puerto Vallarta – beach resort city; Chichen Itza – temple of Kukulcan and the Mesoamerican step pyramid; Guanajuato – world heritage site; Uxmal – ancient Maya city; Playa del Carmen – top diving destination in the world and Cancun – white sand beaches and the sophisticated resorts.

What are the major highlights of the Mexico?

From a hot air balloon you could enjoy the pyramids and palaces of Chichen Itza; beautiful beaches; visit the market and a watch a colorful day of Dead parade in Oaxaca. If you want to make your trip adventurous, then you must mount high on the edge of the cliff.


Playa Del Carmen is a coastal area with beautiful beaches and resorts around. Rapid development made the town to visit by most of the people to experience the varied European culture and flavor. Even though town has most of the facilities to roam around in bus, taxi or by walk but if you are looking forward to enjoy your ride in Playa Del Carmen, then there is number of car and bike rental shops you will find at the North end of 5th avenue.

Your journey to Playa del Carmen began with the ferry service to an island Cozumel and to a world-famous scuba diving is here.

What you must do in Playa Del Carmen listed below:-


As we know Playa Del Carmen has the world-famous scuba diving destination, so water sport is the major fun thing you could do there. Visit Angelita and Casa Cenotes diving tour, Dos Ojos, PADI 3-Day Open Water Dive Course and many more.


If you want to relax and spend your leisure time to experience the beautiful surroundings then beaches are the best options in Playa Del Carmen.



Explore the Mayan jungle and discover the local flora and fauna of the Mexican jungle.


Beach side bars and the dance night clubs will make your trip exciting.

Trip to some another nation is all about fun and some amazing experience. So if you are visiting Mexico than Playa Del Carmen is one of the beautiful towns with lot of hotels and resorts nearby and some unique cultural elements that are breathtaking.