In today’s lifestyle every guy needs a girl with those sexy curves and those big butts. Girls! Beware making big butts is not a big thing nowadays. Getting bigger butt is actually very simple. If you want to change the appearance of your butt you need to take care of mainly two things, firstly your diet and then your regular exercise schedule. In this article we will see how the diet and exercise can help you achieve your goal of bigger butts. There are some important points on how to get a big butt which need to be pondered upon before going for a bigger butt. The butt is completely made up of the gluteal muscles which is then covered with a layer of fats. The gluteal muscles include the gluteus maximus, the gluteus minimus and the gluteus medius.

These are the muscles which help you to sit or stand from a standing position or a sitting position respectively. So now you know on which parts of the butt you need to work upon to increase the curvature of your butt. To reveal your butt’s proper first thing you need to do if you are fat, is to reduce the layer of fats around the back side of your body. For this you will probably need to eat food containing lower carbs and a have a protein rich diet. In losing fats exercise on a regular basis and your schedule should include alternate days of cardio. Cardio exercise should include high intensity moves which target your glutes muscles. Even the way you walk can highlight different parts of your body. Throw your shoulders back and arch your lower back. This will not only make your butt more protruding, but it’ll also trim your upper body a bit and make your chest look superior.


Exercise and workouts are the most efficient and prominent ways of getting a bigger booty with a blend of proper food intake. Let’s first discuss the exercise and then get back to food. Exercise! Yes, they are very important as they give shape and curvature to your butts. You need not spend whole time in the gym but by doing some regular exercises at home will lead you to achieve those killer curves. Resistance training and weight training are proven to give you the butt you desire. Some examples of weight and resistance training are squats, stair climbing and step-ups, forward lunges, walking lunges, dead lifts etc.

While doing the training you should remember that too much exercise can have a damaging impact of on your body. You even need to give your body the proper rest it wants, while strength training you are breaking, pulling or stretching your muscles it is when you are resting the muscles are restored and improved. Warming up before and cooling down after exercise should be proper.

After your heavy workout now your glute muscles need to repair so they require proper amount of calories and the nutritional food. The diet should be rich of protein as discussed earlier. It contains essential amino acids which let your muscles grow, but then the diet should not only contain protein. It should include a proper blend of carbs fats and other nutrients required by the body.


Some protein sources are eggs, chicken breasts, cottage cheese etc. for carbohydrates you can go for sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats. With these you need to have some fats intake also which you may get from nuts or any other prominent source. Vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and broccoli contains anti-oxidants which should also be included in the regular meals. So, simply start adding these kind of foods in your diet for making your butt bigger and healthier.

These were the natural and healthier ways of getting a larger butt, but there are some artificial ways which people with fast lifestyle have started adopting due to lack of time for exercise. There are pills and supplements like aguaje pills which contain sufficient amount of phytoestrogens, which are known as natures “natural estrogen”. And estrogen can have a direct correlation between women with curves, and those without.Even there are some surgical procedures to make your booty larger like butt implants I which a layer is added below your skin to give an elevation to it. But these things are highly expensive and could be even dangerous sometimes. So choose wisely on which way to go either the natural way or the artificial way. Just follow some simple rules and get the killer curves you like.