The biggest cycling race of the world, Tour de France has already started on 2nd July 2016 and it will last till 24th of July 2016. Cycling fans from across the world can now catch the live coverage and actions of the cycling race online and enjoy Tour de France 2016 live streaming without having to pay any money for cable subscription.

How to Stream Live Tour de France 2016?

For all cyclists across the world, July is the month where they eagerly wait for the most popular cycle race called Tour de France. They are passionate about this cycle race and consider all possible ways to catch the live action of the cycling race. There are a variety of ways where you can catch the live coverage of the race without paying for the premium packages of cable TV. If you are already set to catch the live action, then consider the following ways to enjoy Tour de France Live Stream.


The online streaming services are the best option for you people to enjoy live coverage and live schedule of the Tour de France. These online streaming services have their streaming methods that enable the passionate cyclists to catch the Tour de France actions live for free on any device of their choice.

You only need to internet connectivity to enjoy the live streaming of the race. You can now catch the schedules, live streaming and access the final outcome of the sport through the live streaming services over the internet. Apart from computer system, you can also access the live racing of the cycle through your tablet, mobile and Smartphone.

Stream Tour de France Online


There are online sources that offer you live streaming on the cycle race and on-demand coverage of the Tour de France sport. Apart from live coverage of the race, the online sources enable you to stream the highlights reels to full coverage, so you are not likely to miss any action of the sport as highlights are easily accessible through this online source. There is a subscription free which you need to pay and it is really very low compared to the subscription fee of the cable TV. So, you are not required to spend your wealth to enjoy streaming the live action of Tour de France 2016. You simply need to find the reliable source online and start streaming the live action of the game.