People always like to have do the adventure. The thrill given by some adventures is memorable. There are many adventurous games available and escape room is one such adventurous game in which you are locked in the room and you to make use of the elements present in the room with the set of the puzzles and you need to unlock and escape from the room with in the time limit allocated.The activity of the game involve in thinking, examining, and solving the puzzle out of it. These games are placed in the variety of the rooms such as dungeons, prison cells, space stations, old buildings which are often popular as the team building activities.

The escape rooms are first created in 2006 and later it became more familiar in China, Israel, Canada, Taiwan, United States of America, and japan. In some fixed locations permanent escape rooms are first placed in the Asia and later the permanent escape rooms are fixed in other continents Europe, South America, Australia and North America. The escape room games became more and more famous day by day and slowly spreading to every country.


Corporate team building Singapore:

If you ever have a chance to visit to Singapore the first thing you have to do is just  pay a visit to corporate team building Singapore for to have an experience with escape room game which brings lot of thrill. In trip advisor, it is rated as the best attractions with plenty of excellent reviews by the costumers. In central Singapore escape hunt is a comfortable venue that can carter up to attendees of 100.  The main thing here is to trust your partner and test your wits. When we step through the doors of the room we are transported back from one century to another century, later you received the information of an evil crime about to be committed.

Your miscellaneous way of thinking is the only hope to escape. And unfortunately you have found that you are locked in the room and there is no way to escape and only way you have to escape from the use your wits and puzzle skills to escape with the variety of the indications and clues and solve the crime. The game is the team activity and you can play with your friends and left with unforgettable and enthralling experience.


The game is about 60 minutes with 6 games rooms and 3 different games and 1 dedicated master for each room. The game is very challenging but with doable puzzles will have a great fun. The cost for the game in Indian currency is 1300 rupees and you can also book in advance through online. After the game refreshments are served which are the plus points and after the game you can also enjoy the excellent tea time. After the game be a part of the photo shoot with friends and better looks for your infinite photo taking pleasures.