Brand loyalty can simply be defined as the faithfulness of the customer towards a particular brand. The customer’s shopping pattern suggests that he/she favors a brand among others and goes out of the way to buy products from that particular brand. Companies are smart enough to devise marketing strategies that ensure customer loyalty with trials and incentives that keep them coming back the more. Inc is the authority in brand building and has lots of great material to establish a brand that endures everything. It takes a lot of time and effort to attain customer loyalty but it’s possible and it’s worth every bit.

It’s surprising to see the kind of effect a brand has on someone. That effect is so deep that some people are recognized by the brand they wear or buy certain products of the brand they use often. Some people remain fiercely loyal to one brand throughout their lives.  It’s no surprise that in the Smartphone world, people like to associate themselves with only one brand, if they are comfortable with a particular brand they are seen using phones from the same company and do not prefer trying out new phones. There are forums online that appraise high end phones from certain brands in detail and compare all the top models. Customers who are loyal to a certain brand support their brand vehemently and don’t mind trashing phones from other brands on the Internet.

Smartphones are a great example for premium brand experience, however, brands have been creating experiences for their customers long before smartphones cave into the picture. Brand loyalty is very difficult to earn and even harder to maintain. It’s not just for the product, that the customers keep returning to; it’s because there’s a unique relationship between the brand and the customer that goes beyond just providing a service. These are some of the things employed by his brands:


  1. Connecting with customers.

Today’s customers want more than just a product they are buying, they want the experience of purchasing to entail something. Therefore automobiles brands like Audi and BMW are offering a sensory package. The feel of the smooth leather, the smell and everything else lets you know that the machine was specifically designed for you.

  1. Knowing customer needs

Knowing what the customers want and providing them that is fine, but knowing what they might want is the real deal. Many online retailers have made a fortune by doing just that. Providing customers with suggestions by studying their purchase patterns has driven online sales to a new high. It’s important to understand that this approach is not always successful. This is exactly what happened with the Apple Newton, the product was ahead of its time and was received poorly by the consumers.

  1. Never compromising on Quality.

It’s a  premium brand’s duty to provide quality on their products. The customers expect nothing less, and that is why they have decided to stick with them for so long. However, brand loyalty is not built by providing a product, it’s the consistency in quality with which the brand delivers is what makes the customers stay loyal. If the brand slips even once, they risk creating a negative perception about their brand.


Confronting negative brand perception is figure than building a brand. Therefore consistency in service is of utmost importance to ensure customer loyalty.

Apart from all this companies also use brand ambassadors and consumers that market their brand in a positive light. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing is very effective and can bring in new customers. The marketplace is constantly evolving and the brands can only do so much to not lag behind the big players. Social media presence has become a must for brands to engage with their customers. Having a page in any one platform has made brands more accessible to their customers.  Some brands are even using social media as a means to handle customers complaints and grievance. The Inc website is the leading authority on the subject and is the go-to place for those who are looking to establish their brand