Whether you have a catering business, a restaurant, or just someone who has a knack for cooking, an ice machine is needed in order for you to produce high quality ice for your desserts, or to keep your beverages cool and fresh. What many people don’t know is that there are numerous types of ice machines available for purchasing, and it may end up being a bit confusing, especially if you aren’t familiar with the types of ice you are able to make! Luckily, there are guides that you will be able to check that can help you choose the perfect ice machine suitable for you or your business.

Types of Ice Machines

Here are the different types of ice machines that you are able to purchase, and the types of ice they are able to produce:


  1. Undercounter Ice Maker – These are found under your counter of your kitchen, where they are built in and look discreet. They produce crescent shaped ice, what you would normally find in your freezer. Cloudy and opaque, these are perfect for restaurants and cafes.
  2. Portable Ice Maker – These are perfect for households or for businesses that would require ice in an instant. It’s a convenient way to produce ice instantly. Being portable, you will be able to bring it everywhere. Simply plug it into an outlet, pour water, and it will produce normal ice in6 minutes or less! You get to choose the size of the ice, but the con is that it would melt quickly.
  3. Counter top Ice Maker – These are great for restaurants or institutions where they don’t have counters to install their undercounter ice makers in, or if they prefer having it placed on top of the counter. Just like an undercounter ice maker, it creates normal ice, but also has the option of giving water as well. It produces nugget style ice, which is easier to chew.
  4. Modular/Ice Machine Head – You would find these on top of other ice machines or vending machines, designed to keep your drinks and ice cool. These are for professionals and restaurants, or buildings that have vending machines that need to stay cool. They come in various sizes, holding up to 1000 pounds of ice a day!


Where to Buy an Undercounter Ice Maker

You will be able to find many manufacturers that sell ice makers. They may be from your local malls or appliance stores, or you may even be able to find reputable stores online. If you choose to purchase online, it may be easier as you can order and have it delivered right in the comforts of your own home or building.

Ice makers are very important for your business or to enhance your hobby in creating fresh drinks and desserts. Instead of using regular ice or having to manually crush it, purchase an ice maker today and see the difference!