Working as an adult holds many benefits. One of the most important ones would be the medical benefits you receive, especially if you are one working in a physical job! There is a TX OWCP Doctor you will be able to choose if ever you end up injured or sick due to the work your job entails you to do. But what exactly do you get when it comes to your working compensation? It can get confusing and a bit difficult to understand, especially if your job can have you sick or injured! It’s best to know your compensation if ever that happens in order for you to fully get your rights as an employee and be fully supported while recovering

About the Workers Compensation Program

This program ensures that those employees who are injured while doing their job will get what they need to ensure speedy recovery and benefits that will have them be supported even while injured and not working. Sometimes accidents happen, and it can be unfortunate, especially if you are on the job and need the money. Fortunately, the Workers Compensation Program will help you.

Medical Benefits


With the Workers Compensation Program, you get certain medical benefits such as surgery, medicine, and other medical-related things that may be needed for your injury or sickness. You are also entitled to a TX OWCP doctor that specializes in what you need. You are also entitled to the transportation expenses going to the hospital if ever your injury requires you to. You also have the right to choose which TX OWCP doctor or hospital you want to treat your injury. BUT, if you would like to change your physician, you won’t be able to do so unless it is through your expense, or if you were referred by the physician assigned to you from the Workers Compensation Program.

Temporary Injury

If ever the employee suffers from an injury that may take the time to heal, then he may request to recover with pay as long as it does not last longer than 45 days or take up all his sick or annual leaves. If ever it does exceed that, then he will need to request for a sick leave or go on a leave without pay, depending on what the worker and company negotiate.

Permanent Injury


If ever the worker suffers from permanent injury due to his line of work, then the program gives certain compensation depending on what body part was affected, such as 160 weeks of compensation for loss of sight in one eye. There will also be a loss of earning compensation if the worker is unable to get back to another job again. The allowance will not exceed $200 per month. If ever an attendant or nurse is needed, then the fees should not exceed over $1500 a month.

If you have sustained an injury during work, you have the right to choose your TXOWCP doctor and ask for compensation. Learn more and ask about it through various websites and contacting the Department of Labor.