Drug addiction is often believed to be physical alone without any connection to the psychological state of the being. This actually is not the case with most of the people who are addicted to something or the other. The psychological state of a person plays a crucial role in the addiction levels be it of any kind. This kind of hooking is why you crave the drug in the physical form and get tormented until you get it. However, since a long time, a constant debate has been going on regarding the question, if the addiction towards the brain is an action of the body or the mind? A book titled as Unbroken Brain has been published concentrating on this question, challenging the debaters. According to this book, there are two kinds of addiction that usually prevails among humans. Maia Szalavitz, the author of the book has mentioned that irrespective of the differences,  these two are very much similar to each other.

The body reacts in a different way when compared to the brain on being addicted to different drugs. For example, depressants like heroin and alcohol make us feel entirely different when compared to meth or cocaine.  Alcohol or Tobacco gives us both physical and psychological withdrawal on going to the rehabilitation, while cocaine or meth only makes us experience a mental withdrawal on stopping the consumption.


This determines that the drug addiction is not universally physical or psychological, but actually varies from drug to drug and should not be used as a generic indicator. In case, if you have noticed, certain drugs do not produce physical withdrawal like alcohol. Alcohol rehabilitation causes diarrhea, nausea, and vomitings. This doesn’t mean that we should consider the other drugs as less addictive. They’re even more dangerous as they have the ability to deform the brain which can’t be noticed as they are usually invisible. This is why some drug users do not realize that they are addicted on a core level until they’re ruined.

Tailoring  Treatment:

Most of the people treat drug addiction as a lethal disease, something like cancer, HIV, and a major moral failing. We should not put drug addiction so conventional as it varies from person to person. The reason behind the addiction plays an equal role in the rehabilitation as much as the type of the drug. At rehab orange county, each person is considered as an individual subject and the medical history along with the psychological exposure and their upbringing are considered to tailor a precise treatment in the rehabilitation. Szalavitz, who is a prior cocaine drug user says that drug addiction is actually a learning disorder. Therefore, in all the rehabilitation programs, the drug users should be treated as such while giving prevention, cure and treatment. Just like autistic traits, addictive behaviors belong to the same spectrum and therefore can also be just the normal reflexes to very extreme stimuli varying from person to person.

Going back to the question, if drug addiction is a brain thing or a body thing, we should learn that a person who is practicing drugs is not mentally retarded. His/her brain is not ruined or broken. When compared to the normal people, it simply has taken a detour in the development. So, just like Autism or ADHD, drug addiction is also a generic wiring difference. No brain tissues are tampered or destroyed by being addicted to the drugs. Therefore, it is important for all of us to recognize that drug addiction is not just a practice.

Each and every one of the drug users has their own set of reasons and stories due to which they have started being prone to the addiction. Therefore, while taking them to the rehabilitation center, a straight fact should be kept in mind that everyone needs a personalized treatment in order to counteract the addiction and no ‘one fits all’ approach will heed you any results even when the treatment is done for months. At rehab orange county, every drug user is given a personal guide that takes care of them specifically by noticing all the changes and by listening to their physical and psychological stress which further helps in fast recovery.