Cannabis, more commonly referred to as marijuana or weed, is just like any other plant to an unsuspecting commoner but for any weed smoker, it is the key to happiness and relief. Inhaling the smoke or vapors released when the flowers or leaves of this plant are heated, leads to a psychoactive chemical to be released which makes its entry into the bloodstream via the lungs. Even a dime of weed, which is a mere 1-1.3 grams by weight, can cost a staggering $10 in America. Of course, prices fluctuate from place to place, but the general rates hover in the same range.

How is weed smoked?

Smoking weed can be done in a multitude of ways, among which the most popular is rolling joints. A cigarette filled with weed instead of tobacco is basically a joint. A blunt uses cigar wrapper to roll the weed while a pipe or a bowl is a more sophisticated equipment and it is generally handmade and comes in various colors. Bubblers, bongs and vaporizers are also used and while all these vary the method of intake, the end result is the same.


So what exactly are the effects of smoking this drug? For starters, getting a high is considered as a pleasurable experience by many. Some even report experiencing a feeling equivalent to floating and having heightened sensations. The general end result is a feeling of being relaxed and happy and any activity performed during this period gives greater joy than if done when sober. Of course the negatives include temporary memory loss, paranoia, bad trips and many more, but mostly, the experience happens to be enjoyable.

Is smoking weed advisable?

In spite of the general notion that weed is harmless, this is far from the truth. Any form of intoxication is harmful and poses a threat not just to the smoker but also the society. Drugs are addictive and can destroy a person’s will to accomplish something in life and weed also is a drug at the end of the day. While it is legal in a few places, it is illegal and frowned upon in many others. Most importantly, all that smoke is doing a lot of damage to the smoker’s lungs though there has been no conclusive proof that it contributes to cancer. People who smoke are known to have a poor memory which in turn leads to stunted brain functioning.


However at the end of the day, it is up to every individual to make the decision of whether to indulge in this or not, because the debate on the pros and cons of marijuana have not yet reached a definite conclusion and are merely conjecture based on statistics.