There is an abundance of varieties to choose from, in the digital world of video games. The plethora of internet has always quenched to draw the attention of gaming maniacs towards the arena of digital games, especially in mobile space as any giant task can be performed by a small mobile handset. As the technology is roaring at its peak, there is still a lot to be discovered in the gaming world. One such game is happy wheels, which is drawing lot of attention these days, especially among youth. Only in few months, this game has managed to earn both appreciation and recognition in the digital world.happy-wheels-09-700x388 The happy wheels game is a perfect combination of some amazing graphic violence and adventure which is based on the subject of ragdoll physics. It has changed the boring schedule of life and has added a new dimension to it, as people can enjoy in their free time by this adventurous game. This game is a live proof that Physics cannot be that boring for people as it upholds an adventurous experience. Fancy Force, who is the creator of this game, added some wonderful color-schemes and graphics to the game that takes it to a whole new level. This game of happy wheels ensures an unlimited fun and an adventurous experience to the player along with unique activities to learn from.screen520x924

Primary objective of the game

The primary goal of the game involves, selecting a unique vehicle and exploring the path of the game so that the player can locate the exit point and witnessing a successful win. The main objective of the game is to cross all the hurdles of the race and reach a concluding point to ensure a promising win. The mechanics of the game may vary with the choice of character and the vehicles for covering the path. Along with that, collecting the tokens during the race will enhance the level of the game, increasing the player’s score, accordingly. Collection of these tokens helps in buying of various upgrades and resources of the game.

Happy wheels offer a side-scrolling game play, enhancing the display of the game and the enhanced graphical experience for the player. The daring hurdles of the game can crush the player, which increases the level of adventure for the player. Along with the graphics, animations of the game are also simply amazing as the loss of limbs creates a special effect in the game.

Being an enthusiastic game player in the digital world, the player will be amazed by its innumerable features. One such feature is about customizing your own level; the player can enhance the gaming experience by customizing the stage levels according to the choice. With the help of various tools and objects, the player of the game customizes the level, using guns, blocks, etc. So, if you are a gaming maniac too, then the game of happy wheels is a must play.