Are you looking to collect some useful details about fair debt collection? In general, most of these debt collectors will make use of the sneaky tricks in order to gather money from the consumers. Debt collectors are fully aware of the fact, the financial condition of the individual is not good but collectors are trying hard to get their money back by putting incredible pressure. There are certain illegal practices being carried out by the debt collectors which you can easily avoid but only when you are fully aware of following tips and tricks.


  1. First of all, you need to collect the right information. Within few days, approximately 5, the collector should be able to send you a legal notice conveying you about the amount of money you owe, exact name of the creditor and what action the debt collection agency will take if you don’t pay the amount. It is the best way to avoid any chitchat with the debt collector. When you get the legal notice and you think you don’t owe any money, you can simply approach the court and take some strict action.
  2. On many situations, people do believe they don’t owe any money and look to file a dispute in written. For this, you need to reply back within a month and a debt collector is not allowed you to contact in that state, Just make sure, you keep the copy of reply and always try to respond the collector via certified email.
  3. The third important tip is to take care of the calls and messages. It is always nice to maintain a file with notes containing day and time of every connection. If the debt collection agency is trying to contact you at the wrong time, you can easily take some strict actions.
  4. Even debt collectors do have a good number of restrictions. These debt collection agencies can’t harass you by any means. The use of abusive language is strictly prohibited too. Similarly, there are more restrictions applied on these debt collectors which completely protect the rights of the customers.


When you apply the above -mentioned tips, it really becomes possible to deal with debt collection agency in a better manner. Still, the sole way to get out of the trouble is to pay your entire debt or go to court if you don’t owe any money.