We live in a technologically advanced age where things are more visual. With the advent of video sharing apps and websites like youtube, showbox etc. this has gained momentum. However making a good video isn’t the only way to a guaranteed good viewership. For this one requires an excellent knowledge of the market dynamics. This include a sound knowledge of the audience, the niche of every kind of videos, the trending areas of each year. All this builds up a robust all inclusive video marketing strategy. Here is a guide to find out more about such strategies.

Essential characteristics of video marketing

There are some essential characteristics of video marketing. Some doctrine rules and salient features.

Launch Timing of the video

This is just like any other social networking marketing plan. Think of it you are advertising and publicizing your company or your product via twitter, facebook. You plan it accordingly and go for short precise updates. Something which looks professional all the while drawing attention. You go in a series pattern – introduction, nature, looks and effectiveness, availability, cost etc. keep the same logic in mind and prioritize your strategy. Make a series of short-time spanning (3-5minutes) videos elaborating your product or company. Donot disclose all, keep a suspense level so people are curious for actual event. Time it well, not to far way or not to close the main event. Thus giving adequate time for outreach. It’s just like a trailer of a film.

Shorten videos for greater viewership

This is a fast pacing world. People have very little time to invest. Thus they are always in the look out of short simple and concise information. The deal is to capture this idea. Shorten your videos to few seconds. Lets say a 10-15 seconds of display. At best stretch to a minute. It’s just television commercials or advertisement before youtube videos – where you have a longer version of 3-5mins but a shorter version of 10-20seconds to display the message.

Client feedback testimonials

People are generally drawn to things which they can relate to. Thus, a person articulating similar situation gains more empathy. Going by this logic it helps when we hear about events or products or companys from ordinary peoples who have availed that option. Thus inclusion of client feedback boosts video marketing potential.

Short tips and tutorial stories

This is to give an insight in your area of work.  What makes you different from the others, how you approach customers and things like these. Obviously no need to spill the means. Just showcase your eccentricity in a witty way.


Tailor-made contents for customer

Another important point to drive is that you value your customers. There isn’t any generalization. They are special to you and hence you give out customized service to each one of them. Like family members or friends does.

Urge the audience to act

Last but not the least is this point. Finish it off with urge to the audience for immediate action. Use a sentence or a picture which will make them eager to join in. Something that will not let them at peace until they do it. An instant to join the event or use the product.

These are the some of the effective strategies for efficient video marketting. This is the place to findout winning video marketing strategies.