You guy must be wondering what is iTube? Well, iTube is basically a service that allows its users to watch television through the medium of internet. The user can watch internet television from any computers that has a Macintosh operating system. As per the CNET, this service grants the permission to access approx. 15,000 channels containing all the uncensored stuff like, entertainment, videos music, news and more.

How does iTube works?

The remarkable service provided through iTube, which countenances watching internet television makes use of live video feeds and webcams to telecast the television shows on any computer device which has a Macintosh operating installed. It comprises of a database with around two million videos which the users can watch with the help of internet. A particular user who desires to watch a certain video uses the search option available on iTube which shows a list of all the related searches.


It is basically a YouTube streaming app which solves the most persistent problem of playing YouTube in the background. This exquisite app is a blessing for apple users as it offers a wide variety of videos and television series which the user can enjoy at any time of the day, if he has a proper internet connection.

Especially iPhone users had to deal with the issue of playing the YouTube videos in the background. The running video stopped once the YouTube application window was closed. But this problem got solved with the emergence of iTube as users can easily enjoy the videos, music in the background.

How it works!!

YouTube is nowadays, mostly related to playing music at a large scale. People usually play music videos on YouTube which leads to the increasing desire of playing the playlist in background. Using, iTube music can be played in background as it comes with a feature of offline playback, which fosters the users to download videos from YouTube so that it can be enjoying later on, when he is offline. Using the iTube application is by far the best way to create your YouTube playlist and then play them while you are doing other things on the phone.

Why to choose iTube?


Talking of streaming the music on the mobile decide, there are very few options the allows on demand listening as some of the popular application which have a large collection of music charges a certain amount of fee for listening it while you are offline. When we talking of watching videos, the first name which strikes our head is YouTube, but it also a set of certain problems. You cannot do other things while the playing the video on YouTube, which adds a negative point to the application of YouTube. This is where the special application of iTube comes into play which offer a large database of videos and music which allows the user the play the videos in background while doing some other important work. So seek this wonderful way of playing background videos by downloading the iTube application.