You’ve got inspired by one of the relatives who acquires a great collection of records and have decided to buy yourself a brand new turntable? Well, that is not going to be an easy task for you keeping in mind the wide variety that is available in the market. Some of the turntables might specially be designed for the “go crazy” DJs whereas the others would be designed keeping in mind the popularity amongst the vintage record players. Howsoever, let us solve your problem and help you out to pick my turntable for you.

While you are thinking of picking a turntable, the first question that would arise would be “what type of drive do you need?” There are two types available in the market: The Belt Drive and the Direct Drive. Theoretically, a Belt Drive provides a higher stability in the voice quality as the belt acts as an absorbent whereas, in a Direct Drive, the noise of the motor would be sent directly to the platter. However, keeping in mind the advanced technology, both kind of drives go smooth enough to create a pleasant outcome but the DJs must opt for a direct drive keeping in consideration their need to spin backwards.


Now it comes to select amongst the fully automated or the manual turntable. Talking about the automatic turntables, you merely just have to keep the vinyl record on the platter and press the play button and there you go. But in case, if you are a vintage lover, you might consider the manual ones where you have to keep the record, lift up the tone-arm, place it carefully on the record and thereafter, moving it over to make it stop playing. However, there is a semi automated variant also available in the marked which provides you the feel of a vintage turntable yet a work ability of a modern automatic turntable, all you have to do is to just lift off the tone-arm when the record finishes playing.

Keeping in mind the techie world, you may even consider the in-built USB Interface option that will allow you to transfer your vinyl collection into your personal computer. Most probably, at some point of time, you might consider upgrading you turntable. You should get to know which all components of your new turntable are up gradable which may include the tone-arm, the belt or a cartridge.

Now while you go to choose from a vast variety of turntables, ranging from scap to sky high, these would be the point you might need to have a look at:


Base: Have you taste, wood plastic or metal?

Platter: Heavier the better.

Cartridge: Commonly referred to as the needle. Might be one of the most confusing choices, but spending a little more money for a perfect needle might be just worth it. It is the heart of a turntable, even a slight upgrade can do wonders for the sound quality.

Tone-arm: One of the most important aspect, even a small dislocation might end up scratching the voice and the record too. Manual tore-arms are usually preferred by most experts