Dating involves a stage where two people socially as friends to socialize in order to find out if they can get a suitable partner with whom to carry out a marriage or just an intimate relationship. When it happens, dating can be similar to courtship were the two people dating decide to indulge in activities which can keep them together for a longer period. This relationship can be sexual but it is not a must it be that way. The relationship can be gay, straight, casual, open, committed, short term or long term. At, you will learn all you need to know about dating.

According to, most couples wait until around eight dates before they can become open to each other in the relationship. It is here that we will learn that, most people break up from dating between month three to five.

It is interesting to know that, one out of 3 teenagers have experienced violence in a dating relationship and 31% of men are said to dump an overweight partner during dating as compared to 12% of women. And if you are a woman and want to be marketed on a dating site,  you must put an attractive photo of self. Those who put picture attract more attention than those without.

tumblr_nfkj0fn7nq1rpdjdro1_500 reveals that most people make the decision regarding the other half within the first three seconds of meeting up. It has been shown that most women on dating sites are afraid of meeting a serial killer while men’s major fear is meeting a woman who is fat. It is advisable that before you decide to cook for your date dinner, wait for at least 3 times as most men don’t feel comfortable meeting a woman for the first time.

The best-preferred place to meet a date is colleges, schools, malls, and coffee shops. They are seen as the most convenient places to flirt as people are more open than in other locations. And during this dates, happiness is contagious as most people prefer associating with happy people as compared to negative people who are an automatic turnoff.


As a woman, if you want to succeed in a date, make sure you keep off from loud groups. says men are usually turned off by a group of noisy women. Why so? When a woman is in anoisy group, it becomes difficult for a man to make a move and convey his feelings. Instant liking can be gotten if you decide to display some parts of your body which are usually kept private like the inner wrist, ankles, inside calf muscle, the inside of the upper arm, and the nape of the neck.

Get to say out his or her name during your conversation. More than two times will be an instant liking as it shows your partner that you are connected and attentive. Get to also integrate some information the person told you when online dating on your first date. Mention about his or her hobbies and other details as this will show them that you actually know something about them.