Trade show banners can be seen everywhere these days as almost every business establishments out there are taking advantage of its use. From retractable banner up to regular standees, a trade show banner is a cost-efficient way of advertising products and services compared to more traditional marketing schemes that may involve a lot of money. Here are different kinds of trade show that you can take advantage in case you need one.


  • Retractable Banner – also known as roll up banner stands, this type of trade show banner can be rolled up or down to open the imprinted banner before being attached to its stand or support rail. Some models can be disassembled while there are also others wherein the banner is permanently attached to the stand.
  • X Banner – as the name suggests, the frame has the shape of an X. This model usually has 3 legs for its stand and the banner is clipped on to the middle of the X frame.
  • L Banner – the L structure of this banner type follows a simple mechanic. The short side of the L structure serves as the stand while the longer side is where the banner is attached on to. The L structure is usually faced backwards so that the short side of the structure will not trip people passing along the banner stand.
  • Outdoor Banners – this type of banner is commonly used for outdoor events and is constructed with materials that can be able to withstand tough weather conditions. This model is usually the largest among trade show banner varieties.


  • Mechanical or Motorized Banners – could either be mounted from the ceiling or on the floor and is controlled by a motorized mechanism that will loop ads in its banner. The size and height for this type of banner come in as a variable.