If you drink beverage regularly and eat dairy products then you might be aware about an ingredient called Carrageenan. This active ingredient is virtually available in almost all foods that we consume today. It is next to impossible for any grocery store to sell products that doesn’t include this additive. Some of the natural food stores also sell products that comprise this ingredient. Organic foods like tofu, coconut milk, yoghurt and baby formulas include this ingredient and even the nitrite-free turkey cold cuts available this additive.

However, you will find a variety of negative press release and reviews about this additive over the internet today. But, you need to read this article first to know is carrageenan safe to Use of not? According to many researches Carrageenan is not considered to be the healthy food ingredient as it has several health side effects.


Is Carrageenan Safe?

The food grade Carrageenan is not safe to use and eat. There are two types of Carrageenan available – degraded and food grade. This ingredient has been in use for many years and this food grade ingredient is extensively reviewed and clinically approved for use in some selected items.

The most harmful and dangerous one is the degraded Carrageenan which is not approved to be used in any food item because this ingredient never offers thickening properties to the food. Both the food grade and degraded Carrageenan are different and the harmful effects of degraded Carrageenan are mistakenly linked with the food grade Carrageenan.

Many people believe that the foods containing Carrageenan can cause digestive problems if taken in excessive quantity. Based on many researches, questions have been raised about the positive effects of this ingredient to the health because excessive use of this ingredient can cause intestinal damage.

However, it is necessary for you to understand the degraded Carrageenan and food grade Carrageenan properly. Both these ingredients are different from each other and have different side effects. The food grade Carrageenan is safe to use, while the degraded Carrageenan is not considered safe for your use.


How do we know that Carrageenan is a safe food additive?

The food grade Carrageenan is always safe and clinically approved to be used in any food items as additive. But, the degraded Carrageenan is not yet considered safe for your use. So, the food items comprising the food grade Carrageenan can be consumed easily without worrying about the harmful impact on health.