When it comes to the most popular career tracks, being a computer scientist is one of the most popular in the present generation. Computers nowadays are becoming more commonplace, given that it is found virtually everywhere, and that a lot of the things which we use now on a daily basis make use of computer technology. While people usually take computer science as a course or program to pursue in college, some people get to have a fascination in computer science class high school, much earlier on than a lot of people do.

It’s not an entirely difficult field to enter, but learning computer science is simply like getting to learn a whole new language. This makes it a much better choice to pursue it earlier on, given that children, or younger individuals are quicker to catch up with learning a new language the sooner they get exposed to it.

The computer basically has a mind of its own, and studying computer science makes it all possible for us to understand and in turn, manipulate the way these computers work. There are several methods through which computer science can be introduced to high school students, and therefore, given them an appreciation for this particular discipline later on.


Advantages of Learning Computer Science Early

Practically, so long as the kids could already comprehend, they could already start and understand new languages. As a matter of fact, a lot of young, intelligent kids could actually even start learning the basic programming languages at 8 or 9 years old! This makes it feasible to have Computer Science get taught in high school, specifically grades 7 to 9.

One of the advantages of this is that it gives students the avenue to have a deeper appreciation and understanding of their field of choice earlier. Teaching computer science at an earlier age also enables these students to gauge for themselves whether or not this is their career of choice. Moreover, getting taught the basics earlier on gives you a great advantage, should you decide to pursue fields related to computer, apart from Computer Science, such as Engineering, Information Technology, or even Information Systems.


What is taught to High School Students?

There are several curricula for computer science specifically geared towards high school students, which are all tailored to suit the fact that high school is generally a more generalized discipline of study. The lessons for computer science which are taught to high school students, therefore, are also more on the general topics.

Most of these particular topics include introductory courses for basic or the most commonly used programming languages, such as Java, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and others. This is also the time when CSP, or Computer Science Principles are commonly introduced, as students are rarely immersed in these principles later on in college.


Overall, getting taught computer science at a young age is a good idea, most especially for those who have expressed interest early on.