Gone are the days when crazy football fans wake up at midnight and tune in to radio or find a home that has set-top box TV that used to telecast the European Championships football tournament.

UEFA EURO is the second most watched football tournament. As the technology started to develop rapidly, the various means of entertainment also started to increase.

Nowadays people need not rely on TV for live coverage. We all have one powerful thing in the name of “Internet”. This brings all your favorites within your own hands. This is possible by the method of live streaming.


All you need is a device either a smart phone or PC with internet connection. There are infinite numbers of providers that provide us the live streaming of the events happening around us.

Sometimes live stream maybe annoying because of its buffering. But if the internet speed is good, then there will not be any problem in the transmission. When it comes to football and other sports, the entire world will be excited to watch the sport. But the TV rights are limited so that it cannot telecast all over the world. The live streaming comes handy here.

The minimum requirement speed for a standard definition live stream is 2 Mbit/s. 5 Mbit/s is recommended for High-definition stream and 9 Mbit/s is needed for Ultra- High Definition live streaming. This variation is purely based on factors such as source media, encoder, media publisher, content delivery network.

The trophy of the Euro 2016 is seen before the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying draw in Nice

The Euro 2016 live stream can be seen on their official website itself. There are also several websites that provide reliable and good live streaming of the event. As the excitement for the sport continues, there is huge belief that there is going to be a lot of people who will be benefitted by the live streaming of the Euro Championships.