In case you have had some experience with love spells and you want to expand your spell repertoire. We have the right kind of beginner love spell for you, it’s easy and the items you need are not out of this world. We want to remind you though that love spells vary from one person to the next, some people have a kind of affinity to them while other can’t seem to make it work but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

Love Spells for Lost Love

This is the best love spell for those who have truly loved someone but were forced to part ways due to struggles, circumstances and personal reasons. You can try using this love spell to reunite with them.

  1. Purchase six candles, one of each colour: green, yellow, blue and green. The last two candles should be in the colour pink.
  2. Place the candles in the fashion of a compass. Red candles at the south, green on the north, yellow in the east and blue on the west.
  3. Carefully light all six of the candles, get a hold of the two pink candles, one in each hand. While holding the candles, face the red candle and chant “majestic Goddess, almighty God, hear my plea! Lords of fire please burn my desire, time three if ever we are meant to be, bring (name of loved one) back to me.”
  4. Now, all you have to do is let the candles burn until they have died on their own.


Love Spell for Your Soul Mate

This spell is only for those who are ready to really meet the person suited for them at this moment in their lives. We highly go against using this spell just out of curiosity; you need to want this in sincerest ways.

  • Grab a special kind of paper like parchment or decorative payment. Also, you need to use special writing equipment like quills or calligraphy markers since this shouldn’t be just your everyday common stuff. Lastly, you’ll need moon incense, charcoal and a small box shaped like a heart.
  • The best time would be after dark and you should enforce your aura through cleansing. Write powerful words that will call the perfect partner to you, avoid writing names.


  • Thoroughly contemplate on the words while meditating, as you do this light the charcoal. When the charcoal is glowing, sprinkle a tablespoon of moon incense. Once you feel that you are fulfilled, fold the paper and place it in the heart shaped box and store it securely.