Children are fond of reading comic books. It is a source of entertainment for them. Manga is a famous kind of comic book invented in Japan and written in Japanese language. It was developed in late 19th century. “Manga” is a word that is used to refer to cartooning or comic.

Manga is written for various different genres that includes action, adventure, history, comedy, drama, horror, suspense, etc. This is the art of Japan but today most of them are being converted into other languages mainly  English. It has been popular all over the world.

Basically, manga are printed in black and white mode but some of them are often printed colourful. These are generally published in magazines with one episode at a time and a continuation is shown for the next time.


Earlier the manga artist team consisted of male manga artists only. Between 1950 to 1969, the acceptance of manga was high in Japan. In 1969, even the female artists made a debut. The manga for boys have been further sub-divided into two groups on the basis of age groups. In Japan, the manga attracted a mass of population. With the increase in demand for manga worldwide, the publications started printing it in their native languages.

By the mid time of the year 2007, the manga influenced the international audience too and the demand for it in the international market increased. The traditional stories of manga flew from top to bottom and from right to left. It has also affected the European cartooning.  In 2007, the market demand of manga was above 70%.


The Japanese manga has been rewarded with a lot of awards. Most of these are sponsored by the publishers.  The winning award included the publication of the winning stories in the magazines of the sponsoring publisher.

One of the university in Japan offers a highly competitive course in manga that too since 2000 whereas several schools provided training for the same. There were also some controversy regarding the study of manga. A writer said that the concept for making a school for manga is completely meaningless as they will face very low success in future. He further stated that spending four years to learn an art of writing manga can be done in just three months. However the concept of schooling was a success and gained large amount of focus.