The very fact how mobile phones have changed our lives can be interpreted from the dependency it created across all walks of life. Mobile phones are largely categorised into major sections known as personal device and business device. All leading mobile manufacturers have tried over the years to cater to consumers belonging to both the brackets. The emergence of business mobile is a recent thing but it took the market by storm. Businesses involving large monetary amounts are being carried out by these portable pocket devices and this is surely going to strike the right chord among people and it has successfully done so.

Business mobile phones are abundant in the market. Almost all mobile brands have a flagship product for business purposes. This revolution was first started by Blackberry. Launched in the market as a business brand specializing in business mobiles only, it is facing a stiff competition from its rivals such as Samsung, apple, Microsoft and Lenovo etc. Earlier known as Research in motion (RIM), Blackberry launched products with its own OS, features and compatibility. But the complexity involved and difficult UI made way for android to come in. With the introduction of android, people started choosing android for business purposes. To follow the relay, blackberry also started following the suite and what consumers got is ample number of companies offering business phones. The market now is flooded with brands claiming to sell the best business mobiles. Now while you sit there confused about which phone to choose, let’s take a ride and see what the models that are ruling the market are.

Man with smart phone on hand, blurred background

The first name that comes up is Microsoft. After taking over the once undisputed mobile brand Nokia, Microsoft has extended its service in the mobile phone domain. Microsoft is synonymous with office desktop, laptop and computer peripherals. So the trust on Microsoft regarding carrying out business, has been long. So they have extended this trust in the mobile phone market also. Their flagship product Lumia comes with all business applications. Super fast operating system in the form of Windows 10, pre-installed Microsoft office and the indispensable Skype will surely ease your business. Lumia 950 and 950XL are the ultimate business mobile set. They have 3GB RAM, 32GB onboard storage, 2k display color and 20 megapixel rear camera will carry business enterprise as well as personal purpose. Available globally, this mobile is ruling the market.

When it comes to business mobile, why should Apple stay behind! Apple has a large customer base and with its product 6S and 6s plus it has augmented its consumer base. It has a 5.5 inch display screen and a powerful A9 processor and iOS heritage. It will be the perfect business mobile for you as it can uninterruptedly handle multi-tasking. With loads of additional features such as Siri, touch id, 3D touch and ios9, this phone is a prized token. This phone received positive response from users around the world. This product is extremely popular in USA and China.

The path breaker and the inceptor of android, Samsung is constantly trying to hold the Numero Uno position. Samsung has got couple of business mobile sets which will surely attract you. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge comes with an impressive configuration apt for business purpose. Samsung includes fantastic features with every release and these handsets are no different. With these handsets Samsung has integrated android office along with device management container solution, Knox. This management system offers multi-layered military grade security system for your device and data. The Knox workspace feature offers the additional faculty of multi tasking. The additional workspace feature will help you carry out your business properly as well as tackle your personal life seamlessly. Galaxy 6s edge comes with a curved edge and the look is quite attractive.


Samsung also has a product to cater to your business needs. This product is a magnificent prodigy for business purpose. This business mobile is known as Galaxy Note 4. It comes with a 5.7 inch QHD display screen, studded with 3GB RAM and robust battery life. So now you can carry out your business seamlessly as the battery back up is commendable. The S Pen comes in the same package and it improves your accuracy and makes multi-tasking much easier for you. A powerful device, you should give it a thought.

The creator of the business mobile, Blackberry still has its foot in the market. With blackberry Priv and Blackberry classic it is negotiating its position in the business mobile market. After a long hiatus, Blackberry has embraced android and has undergone a radical change in its feature. The signature blackberry sliding keypad is done away with and touch keypad is available now. Blackberry brand along with android and multilayered security cover makes this model a prodigy.

The blackberry Classic is another example of the antiquated blackberry product. Blackberry hasn’t with time changed their signature style. They have continued with the sliding qwerty keypad and old looks. If you are a vintage fan of Blackberry, then this product will serve your needs perfectly. Military grade security features will provide the additional cover for your business data. This business mobile runs on blackberry OS10 with 720*720 pixel screen display. Powerful battery backup upto 22 hours makes this an attractive kit. Business will be swifter and you will also have the blackberry trust with you.


The last brand which deserves your recognition and attention is Lenovo. This computer manufacturer brings to you KM80 which is a smart device when it comes to handling business stuff. The sleek design phone has already received thumbs up from tech pundits. The features will just blow your mind. 4GB RAM and 64GB storage makes this phone equivalent to a computer. Quad Core Intel CPU makes this phone razor fast. Local warranty is unavailable for this Device and this is the only glitch for this device.

Granted with time, today there are a lot of options out there for you if you are out to choose a business mobile for yourself. Choose the right one! At least you will have one less thing to worry about.