The increasing use of chemical products used in agricultural practices and the effect of rising pollution levels has led to a scanty availability of fresh food items. Water the basic necessity for survival is also not fit for drinking.

To reduce the adversities of pollutants and other impurities from food and beverages, use the ozonator without compromising with your health. Ozonator is a tool that can be used to increase the ozone level in food and beverages. It also cleanses and purifies the edible things by filtering out the toxins.

The ozonator is an impeccable tool that comes with various enticing features that makes it worth its price. It has an amazing speed that rapidly kills all the viruses and bacteria from food and drinks, without having you to wait for long. Besides purifying the ozonator also increases the level of the oxygen, leaving no toxic residual matter in the food item. It works so precisely that it not only kills the microscopic organisms but also parasites like the tapeworm larvae.


Using the ozonator is simple and hassle free, it does not require special equipments neither does it include long procedures. To use the device simply place it in a plastic bag along with the food item. Then insert the hose and enclose it. Allow the ozone to enter after turning off the device by opening the plastic bag. Ozone will continue to be formed for ten more minutes after the item is placed in the refrigerator. Do not worry about the change in taste as the excessive amount of ozone can be easily ridden off when the food is cooked or heated later.

It takes about 7 minutes to ozone the food to barren it from bacteria and other viruses. Fruits and vegetables are generally dyed to allure the customers with their false appeal. To remove such harmful dyes such as food colors and chlorine the ozonation takes about 10 to 12 minutes. It is necessary that such dyes and chemicals are removed before consuming the food as they contain cancer causing properties and side effects.


Ozonator can also be used to purify the water to make it fit for consumption. One glass of water can be ozonated within 5 minutes but make sure that it is consumed within 20 seconds to retain its effect. Drinking water rich in ozone flush the toxins out of the body resulting in healthy liver and kidney functionality.

Remember not to use excessive amount of ozone from the ozonator, it could lead to health problems. Do not use it on medicines, herbs and other supplements. It also does not remove metallic content.