Are You Hooked On To GTST?

GTST (Goede tijden, slechte tijden) is the most popular show in the Netherlands. Their popularity is highlighted by the fact that they have a website named gtst shortie that shows short summaries of each of their shows. While other shows have come and fazed and away in a couple of years, GTST has stood strong for 26 years and has completed over 5000 episodes in this period. The show was launched in October 1990 and a lot of people had no expectations from it. It was initially said to be an inspiration from ‘The Restless Years’ which was a popular Australian daily soap. uuid=486a2857-a5c8-4950-879e-f6fe7277c6f7

The producers of GTST realized that they had to be unique to survive and from the third season onwards followed its own course. The show is said to receive a viewership of over 1.5 million per episode which is staggering. Without doubt GTST is the highest rated show in the Netherlands. Although the show initially started focusing on standard soap operas scripts such as family dramas, they eventually got bolder and better as each season passed on.uuid=5cbd5a3f-36cf-4bb9-b346-7484256481ae

Another great part is their daily viewers have no way on missing the show due to gtst shortie. This short video summary website has a breakdown of each episode that has played and also has a spoiler section that gives a teaser of what can be expected from GTST in the weeks to come. Another unique thing about GTST is the summer break from June to September. This means that families can go on vacation and come back with the peace of mind knowing that they haven’t missed a single episode of their favorite show. So how do the producers ensure that the same viewers get hooked on to the show after the summer break? Three months is an awful long time. The answer is a cliffhanger.

GTST goes into the summer break with a cliffhanger that will keep the viewers wondering what happened next. While the initial cliff hangers would be based around family drama, cliffhangers from the past few seasons have involved unexpected twists and disasters. As the times have changed, GTST has also changed and that too for the better. They have pulled away from the boring family dramas and have started introducing controversial topics such as infidelity, drugs, jail and homosexuality. The fact that GTST portrays the truth and does not try to sugarcoat the reality of today’s world makes its popularity increase even more with the passing years.

With gtst shortie the makers of the show are also clever enough to tease the viewers with their upcoming controversies and family dramas. This keeps the interest growing much like a thriller or a suspense movie. Not many people are fans of boring shows that show the same plot and drama repeated on a daily basis. This is where GTST has captured the nerve of the people and gained its popularity. Every season has offered something different and interesting to watch. Only time will tell if this show continues to run successfully for another 26 years.

The Good Stuff Vitamins do to Our Bodies

Human body needs vitamin supplements, either through their regular diets or through some supplementary medicine. While growing up, you must have had at least some vitamin pills and remember the time when there were tasty candy like vitamin pills you had to take? Maybe you do. A human body can’t just take vitamins and essential nutrients once in a lifetime and keep going with that. The needs are constantly growing, the body is in a consistent need of vitamins and nutrients. These elements need to be replenished, and that is why a person might have to rely on a vendor who delivers vitamin supplements to them.1365085254_ayherb If you haven’t heard about iHerb, then you should visit their website. They have attractive iHerb promo code to offer you great discounts, and with these iHerb discount codes your purchase price should drop down to a bare minimum. The market is full of competition, and iHerb offers really great deals.ADN-00254-7

While iHerb store can meet your demands for the vitamins and nutrient supplements offering you the highest convenience, let us talk a few words about the impact of vitamins on your body and overall health.

Basic Properties of Vitamins

If you are to purchase vitamin supplements, you need to know some information on these supplements. There are basically two types of vitamins and they are further classified into 13 different types. The two basic types are –

  • Water Soluble Vitamins: Vitamins that can be dissolved in water are known as water soluble vitamins. Also, these vitamins will excrete through urine once the body is done using them. Body tissues will keep them in the system for a while, work in the system and finally get rid of them, that’s how the water soluble vitamins work. Water soluble vitamins are Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 and Vitamin C. However, among the ones listed only vitamin B12 would be stored in the liver instead of the body tissues.
  • Fat Soluble Vitamins: These vitamins use body tissues for storage purpose as well, however the fat soluble vitamins only use fat tissue cells. Vitamins A, D, E and K are known as fat soluble vitamins.

How do one gets the Vitamins into the Body System?

The easiest way to get vitamins injected into a person’s body system is to eat natural foods that are enriched in specific vitamins. However, not everyone can take the foods according to the vitamin chart, some people’s bodies aren’t much open to accepting vitamins from various edible sources. In such cases, people need to take supplement pills and vendors like iHerb come very useful.

What do Vitamins do to your Body?

There’s a good number of reasons why you should be taking vitamins in sufficient amount. However, if you are taking supplementary pills remember not to overdose yourself because that would have adverse effect on your body.

  • Great Metabolism: If you plan to achieve a balanced metabolism for your body, probably you should get yourself vitamin intakes on daily basis. Vitamins and minerals work together to make your cellular metabolism better, and the effect will be directly reflected on your basic health once you eat healthy, and take vitamin supplements in necessary cases.
  • Reduces Risk of Liver and Brain Damage: While taking vitamin supplements, you have to be careful about liver and brain damage. Because overdose of Vitamins A, B3, B6, C and D could actually cause your body to open up to fragility about liver damage and could cause adverse effect on your brain. However, if taken in the right amount your liver and brain would have better functioning capability.
  • Strength in Tissues: Vitamins have been well known of making tissues well-built, and properly functioning. Basically Vitamin C and D strengthens your bones, and vitamin C combined with magnesium and copper would help your body to make collagen to hold your tissues well together.
  • Anti-Aging: Few vitamins like the Vitamin E has anti-aging properties that delays the aging process and if you get vitamin E intake in proper amount on a regular basis, you should have the evergreen charm on yourself for long.


All the vitamins mentioned in this article come as supplementary tablet form. You could go through the iHerb shopping cart and order as necessary.

A Guide to a Bikini Body

A paunch, flab oozing out from the side of your body will surely piss you off anytime. If you are a lady, you surely want to grab all those attractive garments that you see applied on a mannequin. You obviously don’t want to disappoint yourself every time by settling for a large size dress hampering your style. Looks, outfit and attitude have become an important ingredient of a successful and attractive person. If you follow the glam world, having a curvaceous body is a must. If you don’t have that, you will miss something.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcQw1qWrDVeg-FgKEVueoMYcyBLrtwM63oUlsu97hQDxV4J6_pDMAA

Kayla Itsines addressed this issue with the best possible way. She has actually started a 12-week bikini body guide program which will ensure that you attain a perfectly toned bikini body. Your excess fats will be burnt and an attractive body will be final outcome. Along with a strict routine of exercise, Itsines has also complimented your effort with a journal on your food chart. Yes she has enhanced this bikini body guide program with a complete section of what to eat.IMG_3035

This is generally a 12-weeks program which will ensure that you achieve a bikini body. The journals that she has penned down contain a lucidly written and gradual guide program. The subscription charges for the program start at $69.97 and it covers your entire program. The program is so effective that world-renowned magazines have mentioned and acknowledged this program. Verve, Daily Mail, Elle and other fashion magazines have all applauded the efforts of Kayla. They have recently launched an app for iOS and android users. The subscription charges there is as low as $19.99. So you can now readily install the app and see everything about the bikini body guide program in your smart-phone or tablet.

Now once you enroll you will have journals and guide books to refer to. The guide book contains all the procedures involved in the exercise process. It will welcome you with some really motivating words from Kayla Itsines herself and all world-renowned fitness trainers. The program starts with low intensity and light exercises. The frequency of repeating those exercises is on the lower side initially. Once you will go ahead with the program, the number of exercises and its frequencies will be increased. You have to hit hard gradually and ascertain that you perform everything as per directed. Once you get into the groove you will surely start seeing positive results. The food guide is an excellent consultation medium. It will help you choose your food so that you have adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fluid. You will start to have high energy foods, starch and veggies. This is a 14-day program and this springboard will help you to start your diet in a mannered way. Cardio exercise is extremely important if you want to shed some weight. High intensity cardio exercises guide is also there which spans for 12 weeks.

Reviews and comments regarding this program insist that it has become an instant hit with the customers. Hope that it provides a new path for all those women out there looking for an attractive body.

Playing the Happy Wheels Games

Are you tired of all the new childish games they have going on? Everywhere it’s like looking at the same games; only with different characters, graphics, prices and creators. Not only that, but you have to purchase a ton of in-game stuff using real money if you want to experience the game’s full package. The most frustrating is when you’re already at a high level and a beginner, who bought every in-game item available, tramples you to the ground.

Wouldn’t it be good, even for just once in a while, to go back to the simpler but more exciting games? The games that offer fin without having to pay for every single thing, the ones where you don’t go off battling all the people you comes across, the good old times where there are no other players to judge your avatar.rock-crawling-with-the-Sprinter_web-e1438711109149

Introducing the Happy Wheels Games

Okay, first things first, this games is not for the innocent, blood sensitive and people under the age of eighteen. Why, you ask? The Happy Wheels Game can be pretty bloody, which is the best part about it. Oh! And it involves a little help from physics actually; don’t worry, not so much physics that you’ll have to compute for stuff.

Where The Happy Wheels Games Began

Basically, this bloody physics game involves a ragdoll avatar was published by Fancy Force; the main platform they used is the browser. Yes, it was published by Fancy Force, but a man named Jim Bonacci was the one who created in way back in 2010; he was already a video game designer at the time.

You, as the player, can choose what character you want to play the game with. Let’s just say that they are not the most typical characters you’ll see. To get your imagination going, the characters have a number of things in common: a person using a very unlikely vehicle to go through the obstacles in the game, while running over people they come across.

Jim Bonacci, our dependent game developers began work and concept for the game way back in 2006. So where did he get his idea for this entertaining piece of art? He was inspired by other physics themed ragdoll games that he played within the browser game community.

When his former fried and boss, a guy named Alec Cove, created a physics engine for flash, Bonacci simply played and messed around with his friend’s creation. He eventually created a small character on a wheel chair which would repeatedly all down a hill. Bonacci was so entertained with how funny and stupid it was that he expanded and expanded the game. What started out as a pastime thing became his main focus.

There was a proper reasoning for the violent element of his game. He was ever so frustrated with games that had no consequences every time the characters did certain actions. Like when the avatar was hit by a truck and they would just get knocked over, then after a few seconds the character would bounce back like nothing happened.

Knowing All About The Usage Of Forskolina Today

The deep fear of pain is something which no one wants to experience and in some traumatic health diseases you can go through it which definitely is not good experiencing. As health has always been the top mot priority of the people thus they are adapting various ways to stay healthy. But there are some unavoidable circumstances which might lead to bad health or diseases and thus there are drugs which can give them a better health for sure. You can avoid the discomforts that come with the diseases through the help of taking proper drugs and the advanced medical world is offering some great alternatives which can be of great use. Forskolin is one such drug, which has potentially high benefits attached to it in treating many health situations and you can come out through many severe diseases by taking this drug as prescribed which is amazing when used.ultratrim_350_forskolin_231_X_300_px

All about the uses of forskolin – As avoiding diseases and staying fit and healthy gives you a chance to enjoy the energy and live life fully, as opposed to mere survival. Thus, health has always been a matter of consideration and has been given a lot of importance which can be a great help when you want to live life completely. However, in some unfortunate cases, you might suffer from some kind of illness and treating them is very important to live in happiness.


The coleus, which is just other name for forskolina can be given intravenously to improve cardiomyopathy, which is a heart condition called idiopathic congestive problem. Inhaling a single dose of coleus is also effective in treating asthma to a great extent and thus this drug has many uses which attracts people and should only be done under medical supervision. The health care providers use this drug to treat some other disease as well such as digestive disorder that include stomachache and many more. The general uses of the forskolin weight loss supplement has made it very effective in improving heart and blood vessel condition along with other properties and thus is highly being recommended by many medical practitioners and you can utilize their benefits to the core in getting a healthy life by treating many conditions. There are very less side effects that has been associated with it and thus can be used but strictly under medical supervision when prescribed by the doctor.

Experience unmatched fusion of nature and urban architecture

A 20 acre multi-phased master planned community along the Fraser River in the Richmond city of British Columbia, Parc Riviera combines riverfront living with 5 acres of parkland and green space. Located on 10111 River Drive, between No. 4 Rd. and Shell Rd in beautiful Richmond, Parc Riviera is a magnificent urban housing society that offers an unparalleled blend of modern living in a rich natural setting.  Designed and developed by a well-established and award-winning developer, Dava Developments, the project’s highlights include being able to –2269e9_21d7fc6e3e554767a51742a6ab1ee9fa~mv2 Commute easily with a convenient 10-minute stroll to the Sky Train.

  • Walk your kids to onsite day care.
  • Let them run wild in two interconnected vast park areas.
  • Walk, run, or ride over 4,000 ft. on a riverfront dyke trail.
  • Relax around community water features and ponds.
  • Watch the sunset from the dyke trail and soak away the day in hot tub or work out your stress in the community pools.7358264680_f716af4e9c_b

Parc Riviera’s projects include:

  1. West Coast Vale Condo – Parc Riviera Condo built on extensive 18,908.7 square metres of land area is a residential estate that largely has two facings, one facing the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and the other, an open field. Built in the West Coast area that boasts of calming, serene sea views and unblocked views of the pandan reservoir, it offers a distinctively quiet yet elegant lifestyle to its residents. This natural, modern piece of landscape is also accessible by a narrow road called West Coast Vale which is still under construction now and is exclusively available for use by residents of El Development West Coast Vale.
  2. Parc Riviera Monaco – It is the fifth phase of Parc Riviera community of condos and town homes offering blissful living set amidst bounteous nature. The first four phases by Dava Developments have already been sold out and this one is the result of their smashing successes. It’s a six-storey condo along the Fraser River with great proximity to the local amenities, hotels, food, shop and spa services. It’s also affordable with one bedrooms price estimated to start in the mid-$300Ks and two bedrooms’ in the low $400Ks.

An excellent, exotic lifestyle in the comforting lap of nature awaits you at the breathtakingly beautiful riverfront community of Parc Riviera. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity of peaceful yet convenient living!

Look more feminine with an elegant swagger

You can walk in style if your body is in the right shape but nobody’s is perfect but yeas, making oneself look presentable is indeed the most apt thing that you can do for yourself. At times you are very skinny or very hefty; in that case, you should wear such things that can hide the imperfections in your body.get-bigger-butt-214x300

The lower part of the body has to be in proportion with the rest of the body when this is not in tandem, then you may suffer a sort of embarrassment. If you are skinny and looking for some tips to have a better look of your lower body then follow this guide which tells you that how to make your butt bigger.glute-bridge

Walk in style!

When you walk straight then it is very essential to have the right kind of swag which ensures that you look apt while you walk. Several parts of the body can look more prominent when you are carrying yourself in the most apt of the ways. Have you ever noticed that how the models walk, they look upright and then walk in way that makes them appear thinner and leaner? Isn’t it, so focus and try to walk the way they walk!

Squats, lunges and kick backs

You can tone up your body with the help of the exercise which is very helpful in making you look more in shape. Follow the right diet and try to tone your butt muscles which make your butt appear bigger than the usual shape. You need to tighten-up the core muscles of yours, which eventually makes you have better shape of your body.

The physical activities like, swimming, running, playing hockey and cheerleading helps a lot in shaping up the rear of yours, this makes better platform to keep you the way supermodels are.

You need to check the genetics of yours as well; there are various factors which you cannot control or change. With the help of proper exercise you can get the fat distributed evenly in your whole body. You can develop a hobby which can tone you down to the degree that you wish to and with the dresses that look apt on you, you will successfully shape yourself up in the nicest of the way. Proper crunches in suitable counts will make you have a better shape of your lower part of the body.

Anticipating The Unexpected

I’m sure many of us are familiar with comic book heroes. Even those who have never flipped through the pages of comic books know a name or two because of movies or TV series franchises. We have had the series of Avengers movies, Thor, Captain America, Batman vs. Superman etc. So many amazing films based on incredible comic heroic stories. One particular film that’s about to be released and is based on the DC Comics’ universe is called Suicide Squad. What makes this film unique is that it’s an antihero film. You can search Suicide Squad online and get a glimpse of the spectacular trailer of the movie. It’s a good break from the usual hero themed movies. Wherein typical good guys get all the limelight and the bad guys get thrown in jail.


Giving Misfits A Second Chance

Suicide Squad brings together a group of misfits, as some would call them, outcasts of society that have caused terror in the lives of citizens. In the movie, these strange and menacing individuals are brought together to work on missions that are beyond human capabilities. It goes against the normal notion one would have about heroes and/or crime fighters. But it also provides a great story for people. It’s not often you get to witness all sorts of interesting characters grouped together. After all, as some would say, everyone deserves a second chance and why should this group of people be denied of it.Not only that, but you are also provided with a different perspective which more often than not tickles the mind.


Familiar Faces To Look Out For

You see multiple familiar characters in this film. There’s Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Enchantress, Batman and so many more. I won’t divulge too much on what these incredible and complex characters do in the movie as I will leave that for you to discover when you watch the film. One thing to watch out for in the movie is how these different personalities interact with each other. Obviously, these people come from different walks of life and have different personal issues they deal with. Most fans are eager to see how Harley Quinn and Joker on the big screen as both characters have an intertwining history together.

Leto’s Journey To Be Joker

It has been revealed that Jared Leto, who plays Joker in the film, used method acting for his role. Apparently, he has never broken character throughout the filming progress. Will Smith, who plays Deadshot, has said that he never got to meet Leto throughout the filming progress. This goes to show the dedication that Leto has worked into weaving his own Joker for the film. Joker’s character, arguably, is a complex of supervillain. Reportedly, Leto prepared for his role by spending time with real life psychopaths and doctors to prepare for the role. David Ayer, the director of the movie, added tattoos on the Joker’s look to give the character a more modern feel.

Anticipating Waller’s Character

Amanda Waller, the character that Viola Davis plays in the movie, is the reason why the whole squad was brought together. Her character provides a breath of fresh air as Waller appears to be someone who is tough and unafraid to use any means necessary to take down enemies. I doubt it’s easy for her character to be working in a male dominated industry. To assert her own ideas and be firm amongst male colleagues who probably think they are better than her would be something interesting to see play out on screen.

Possible Chaotic Fun On Screen

It is through Waller that this group of supervillains is tasked to take on high profile missions in exchange for amnesty. The squad not only works together as supervillains but they must learn to work alongside people that may have prejudices against them. One would imagine it to be a rather chaotic band of people. A little chaos would be fun don’t you think?

With so many characters coming to life and this being based from the DC comics’ universe, I think it is safe to say that we can expect this movie to be action pack. One thing to remember before coming to the theater to watch Suicide Squad is to expect the unexpected. It will be interesting to see things in the perspective of these supervillains.

Sell Your Home Within 24 Hours


Selling your house can be one of the most painful processes. Many people look to sell house fast due to certain financial implications or because they feel that they received the best possible offer. There are a few things that you need to consider before selling your house. Firstly you need to decide why you are selling your house. If it is not a big financial situation, there is nothing that a loan cannot solve. If you do have to sell it, you need to then think about where you will stay once the house is sold. If you are just moving because you want a bigger house, why not extend the house? The expense of extending a house will be a lot lesser than buying a bigger house. You should also realize that you will potentially lose out on the best neighbors who have known you for years if you move to another place.


While most people looking to sell house fast usually contact an estate agent, you should realize that using an estate agent can be expensive and troublesome. And before you consider selling the house, you should conduct any repairs that will make it easier to get a buyer to purchase it. Your estate agents will then try and get you the best possible buyers for your house. In a few cases, they will even suggest if you need to add any extras along with the house. Such houses are called semi furnished houses. Contacting ready steady sell is the smartest thing to do when you are looking to sell your house. We will give you all the benefits that an estate agent will give you. In addition to this, we will not charge any sort of fees to sell your house.


We at ready steady sold will give you the perfect evaluation for your property. We assist with property sales across the UK. We have an online property evaluation system in place. Through this system, we look at the properties in your neighborhood; various land registry records and a few other critical things to give you an extremely fair evaluation of your property. We will then give you the offer and depending on your urgency, we can offer you more than any other company. You can opt in for our free evaluation today itself and get an accurate evaluation of your house. We do not charge any fees for our services and you will not be under any obligation to accept our offer after the evaluation.

Tips For Selling Diamonds

If you have a diamond and you feel that the time is ripe for selling it, you contact the luxury buyers, the best diamond and other jewelry pawnbrokers globally. Unlike gold, which has a quantifiable melt value, diamond resale prices have no specific measures and that might make it tough for those who are first time sellers to know the exact value of what they hold.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcSis_wdxkRUxQ4tQ5B6lvaal1MhjvUHGBJJ4c8Ut-fl0XFJibOmxw

Here are some tips to help sell diamonds.

  1. Try to evaluate what you have by getting its authenticity and quality. You can get a qualified appraiser, one who doesn’t sell or buy diamonds, to do an unbiased appraisal for you; you will be given a view of the conditions and characteristics of the diamond, highlighting the negative and positive qualities that could affect its value. The pawnbroker like luxury buyers can evaluate it for free before purchasing it from you.
  1. Set a realistic price which will attract the luxury buyers to buy your diamonds. If you have unrealistic price, that will be the first disappointment with your diamond sale. To determine the price, asking around how much the stone can cost. Follow current market trends as they will help you to sell diamond fast after understanding the current market trends.
  1. Investigate your diamond selling options. As a reseller, you have two options; selling the diamond to the jewelry industry or to the most trusted buyers, the luxury buyers. The choice of the buyer isn’t about a high price, but is all about how fast you can complete the sale, your trust to the buyer, and your patience for marketing and negotiating. All in all, make sure that whoever you are selling the diamond to, is someone you trust.
  1. Be ready emotionally to sell your diamond. Don’t sell diamonds, then at a later date, you regret why you did.

If you follow the above tips, you will sell diamonds comfortably with no regret at all.