The three basic necessities for humans to survive on earth are food, shelter and clothing. The shelter is one of the basic necessities as it protects us from the natural calamities like floods, storm and much more. In this generation, the architectural designs have taken a huge step ahead in building beautiful and extraordinary houses and buildings. Even though the architectural design is outstanding it always seems incomplete. To make it complete the house requires colour. Every building has to be painted depending on its ambiance. There are so many diverse sets of colours in which some are natural and the rest are derived from these natural colours. Apart from plain colours, the recent trend is to paint the houses with textures and patterns using the different combination of colours.

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Painting Services in Singapore is one of the best-renowned painting services provided. There are instances where people try to get creative and paint their house which might not always result as they expected. Sometimes people may hire contractors who do not finish the job completely which makes the house look shabby. One solution to all these issues is to hire painting services. In Singapore, the painting services are affordable and of the best quality. It often happens that people spend a lot on painting just one room but these painting services offer different discount rates without any compromise in the quality. They offer the top-quality services for your home interiors and exteriors. These services will not only increase the beauty of your house but also increase its value in the market. The top five painting services in Singapore are as follows:

  • Painter Singapore: Mr. Painter prides itself as your one-stop answer for reliable painting services in Singapore. Mr. Painter is thought for his or her exactitude painting services, sensible client service, and no hidden price quotes. Mr. Painter provides painting services for all types of houses and buildings in Singapore. HDB painting services Singapore would price between $820 – $1580 for a five space HDB flat.
  • Colour Creative Painting Service: With over twenty years of expertise in painting, Colour Creative Painting Service offers skilled painting services in Singapore. With a robust team of painters, they colour artistic provide fast and reliable painting services at an inexpensive and low price. A typical five area HDB flat would price around $800 for traditional paints. Supreme paints would price around $1150 for a five area HDB.
  • City Painters: Started off as a general maintenance and repairs company, city painters are one amongst the oldest general contractor and painting services Singapore Company with roots qualitative analysis back to 1975. With a team of extremely dedicated and skilled painters, town painters supply skilled painting services at extremely affordable costs for each business purchasers and native Singapore residential buildings.



These are just a few of the many painting services offered with the best quality and best price. Painting Services Singapore has always taken the customers’ comfort at first and they also provide services to first estimate a quotation price for the interiors and exteriors which will allow you to compare and choose the right one. They are very punctual in their service and will finish the work with completion within the time they have promised.

If you are looking for the best quality painting service in Singapore you will definitely find what you are looking for at painting services Singapore.