League of Legends is an online multiplier game developed and published by Riot Games.

First of all why must we buy a LoL account?

An average gamer takes approximately 60 days for leveling his account from level 1-30. By buying this account, the level directly starts from 30 which saves a lot of time for the rush gaming freaks.

Also, if the gamer is struck in a level, he can start a new adventure with this fresh LoL account and hence ready to climb the ladder again.


There are also some gamers who want to try out different features of the game such as new champions, rune set or strategies but don’t want to try it on the main League of Legends account. Hence, A Smurf account is the perfect solution to experiment with the game.

Over the past few years, leveling has become tricky. Every site had its fair amount of bans.

Every account comes with a nominal price which includes random influence points, random Riot points, lifetime insurance, 30+ champions and summoner level 30.


When a gamer buys a LoL account, it will be delivered instantly after completing the purchase. Payment is done by Paypal which is 100% secure site and covered by SSL servers. Lifetime guarantee is provided for all the smurf accounts. Also, full recovery details are provided to the gamer. The quality of accounts is so high that the accounts have great win rates against real players and upto 100k IP which is enough to buy a lot of champions and jump right into the ranked games.

In the event that an account is banned due to some defect on the Seller side, a replacement account is issued immediately.

So, why waiting? Just go out and buy an account and enjoy the pleasuring in multiplayer gaming.