Planning a Buddhist funeral is no joke. Just like any traditional funeral based on family or religious tradition, there are a lot of things to prepare, as well as the rites one goes through before, during, and after the funeral. You will be able to find funeral services in Singapore to help with the many things needed during the funeral, as well as guides on how to prepare for it effectively. You must be knowledgeable as to how Buddhist funerals pan out, in order to properly plan it with your loved ones. Here is a guide on how Buddhist funerals go, and how to prepare for one.Buddhist-monk-with-gun

What is a Buddhist Funeral?

A Buddhist funeral focuses on Nirvana, meaning the deceased will have to reach Nirvana before departure. Before death, family members will help him reflect on the good he has done in the past in order for him to feel nothing but freedom and bliss, having him reach nirvana upon death. He will also need to be in ultimate comfort before death, both physically and mentally.bushhist-quotes

Once the loved one has departed, the family will now prepare for the wake. This will mean dressing the departed in his everyday clothing (nothing fancy), and ready the materials for the funeral. Some may offer cloth, beads, and incense for the departed. Along with eulogies, flowers will also be brought. These things are needed to ensure a safe trip once the departed is on his way to his journey for afterlife. Chants and prayers will be held by Buddhists and monks, as a way to pray for the departed, and also to help him achieve Nirvana even when gone from Earth.

The traditions set in a Buddhist funeral will help the transition of life and death for the departed, having him have safe travels as he goes on to the next step of his journey, which is after death. A get together is done every year at the date of death in order to pray for the loved one who has departed, hoping that his journey is still safe and that he reaches his destination soon.

How to Prepare for a Buddhist Funeral?

Will you be preparing for the Buddhist funeral? There are many things to consider when preparing for a Buddhist funeral. One is how you will want to go, may it be through cremation or burial. Next would be where you would like to be laid to rest. Your physical body may be put to rest in a temple or at home, or if you may wish, you can have your ashes laid in any of your favorite or memorable spots. The right funeral services in Singapore will be able to take care of that, as well as the other necessities during the funeral such as the urn or casket. Planning a funeral is difficult, but with the right funeral services in Singapore, it will be made easier and you will be able to have all your wishes be followed.