Are you tired of all the new childish games they have going on? Everywhere it’s like looking at the same games; only with different characters, graphics, prices and creators. Not only that, but you have to purchase a ton of in-game stuff using real money if you want to experience the game’s full package. The most frustrating is when you’re already at a high level and a beginner, who bought every in-game item available, tramples you to the ground.

Wouldn’t it be good, even for just once in a while, to go back to the simpler but more exciting games? The games that offer fin without having to pay for every single thing, the ones where you don’t go off battling all the people you comes across, the good old times where there are no other players to judge your avatar.rock-crawling-with-the-Sprinter_web-e1438711109149

Introducing the Happy Wheels Games

Okay, first things first, this games is not for the innocent, blood sensitive and people under the age of eighteen. Why, you ask? The Happy Wheels Game can be pretty bloody, which is the best part about it. Oh! And it involves a little help from physics actually; don’t worry, not so much physics that you’ll have to compute for stuff.

Where The Happy Wheels Games Began

Basically, this bloody physics game involves a ragdoll avatar was published by Fancy Force; the main platform they used is the browser. Yes, it was published by Fancy Force, but a man named Jim Bonacci was the one who created in way back in 2010; he was already a video game designer at the time.

You, as the player, can choose what character you want to play the game with. Let’s just say that they are not the most typical characters you’ll see. To get your imagination going, the characters have a number of things in common: a person using a very unlikely vehicle to go through the obstacles in the game, while running over people they come across.

Jim Bonacci, our dependent game developers began work and concept for the game way back in 2006. So where did he get his idea for this entertaining piece of art? He was inspired by other physics themed ragdoll games that he played within the browser game community.

When his former fried and boss, a guy named Alec Cove, created a physics engine for flash, Bonacci simply played and messed around with his friend’s creation. He eventually created a small character on a wheel chair which would repeatedly all down a hill. Bonacci was so entertained with how funny and stupid it was that he expanded and expanded the game. What started out as a pastime thing became his main focus.

There was a proper reasoning for the violent element of his game. He was ever so frustrated with games that had no consequences every time the characters did certain actions. Like when the avatar was hit by a truck and they would just get knocked over, then after a few seconds the character would bounce back like nothing happened.