Drug abuse has become a very serious problem worldwide with around 127,000 dying due to drug over use in the year 2013. There are about 120 million people in the world who are into drug abuse. Over using of drugs can lead to criminal offenses in their effect and can cause permanent psychological changes in a person. It also affects our body organs and makes a person psychotic. Most of the times the people doing drugs lose interest in the real world and only care about their addiction.  There is a high suicide rate amongst drug abusers and alcoholics and teenagers tend to lose their way due to drug misuse.

It’s never too late though, you can always get rid of the bad habit of drug overuse with help of some professionals, loved ones and a bit of mental strength. The process is called rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation is a medical psychological therapy which helps you get rid of addiction of psychoactive substances. There are many methods in which rehabilitation is conducted like psychological help, where you talk to a Councillor about your experiences and also talk to other addicts and you share each other’s problems and experiences.


There are also other methods like staying in a rehabilitation home so that you can complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol and you get personal help. All your movements are also tracked in a rehabilitation home. Some kinds of medication is also used which helps you calm your nerves every time you feel like doing drugs. There are many spiritual and religious ways which are also used to remove ones addiction where you are taught to meditate and keep control over your emotions so that you don’t feel like taking drugs.

The famous twelve step program which is used in many rehab centres for example the Orange County Rehab centre in Orange County, California helps you get over your addiction by making certain lifestyle changes which had initially instigated you to get addicted. The steps that involve in the rehabilitation process include accepting that one is an addict and that there is higher power that can help the addict get rid of their addiction. Then the process requires one to realize the reasons as to why the person became an addict and then the addict has to rectify their problems, the addict also has to begin in a new lifestyle which will keep him away from his addiction. The last step is to help other people who are suffering from addiction and spread awareness. Meditation and prayers are the most important units of this rehabilitation process and also faith in one’s God.


Then the next process is important as many people have a habit of relapsing to their addiction. Controlling your urges are very trough as you may feel like trying it out again in a controlled way when you come across your substance of abuse again and this may lead to relapse of the addiction. So a strong will needs to be built and the person should completely accept their new lifestyle so that he should not relapse. Sometimes people need to be on regular medication to keep away from drugs.