Sous vide cooking is cooking any food in a vacuum sealed bag under boiling water. Sous vide machines allow you to set your desired temperature and makes sure the water bath stays at your set temperature. This way food is cooked to perfection, it is neither under cooked nor over cooked. In case you forget about the food there is nothing to worry about.

Sous vide cooking helps cooks retain the flavours and nutrients of the food as it is cooked in a vacuum sealed bag, this way there is no escape for anything. Food is kept fresh and tasty.


Sous vide wizard was founded by Joe who is a sous vide expert. Through his website you can get various tips that will guide you through your sous vide journey.

The website, gives you some tips to sous vide cooking. It consists of a whole lot of recipes along with reviews of the best sous vide machines. The reviews of the machines are very detailed and help you decide which machine suits your desires. This way product choice becomes less of a hassle since it is recommended by an expert, it is bound to be right. However if and when you decide to buy a machine you need to consider various factors such as cost.

The website consists of various recipes including dishes which use Duck, Beef, Salmon and Octopus. This helps you get the initial idea for sous vide cooking, once you get hold of it, you can develop your own food recipes using this amazing method of cooking.


In addition, sous vide wizard also gives you tips on the importance of this cooking method, the dos and don’ts. It helps you nurture yourself with this method which can be used to cook virtually anything; all you need to do is learn how it’s done.