Do you follow any routine to stay in shape? Do you have any app on your phone that helps you stay fit? Does the app have preloaded workout sessions? Does the app have timers and diet plans that help you plan out your healthy days and also helps you getting into shape? Well we also have an app like that called Sweat With Kayla App.kaylaitsines-1

This app has been created by internet sensation and fitness guru, Kayla Itsines who is from Australia and has about four million followers on Instagram. She got famous with the BBG program or the Beach Body Guide program which you could download from her website after paying for it and a pdf file of the regime would be transferred to your account from where you can download it and then maybe you could print it out so that you can keep a hard copy of it. It can always be useful to have a hardcopy if your laptop or computer was unavailable for some reason. You can go through the entire pdf file which talks about the various kind of exercises. The exercises are different for everyday and everyday it targets a different muscle group and the kind of exercises differs from each other too. Many women are her fan as they have all reaped benefits from the program.Kayla-Itsines

All of the loyal Kayla fans were eagerly waiting for the app to be released but we can tell you that most of the people are really disappointed. They all think that Kayla has forgotten about the loyal fans that helped her reach this height of fame and is now only thinking about her by making pricing the app so high.

Let us start by saying that the app has been released only for iPhones and iPads, so android users still have to wait for the app. The app is really well designed and is very simple to use. It consists of different week plans and you should start from the first week if you are first timer but if you are a pro then you can move on to the second week. The app also consists of a timer which also helps you time your exercise. So you have got all your exercises and your meal plans in your phone, perfect for someone who carries her phone everywhere.

People have still been complaining about the pricing of the app as the app costs a hefty $ 59.99 for three months and the payment is no problem at all but those who are paid members already have to again pay on the app to use it which is a bummer. And once you remove your subscription from the app, all your data gets removed and you can’t use it anymore. So why someone would keep on paying for the app if they can just buy the pdf files forever. Plus the app consists of almost all the same exercises and the snapshots that the pdf regime consisted of which is very weird and why would someone spend on the app if they could buy it at once forever for cheaper? Kayla really needs to do some market research and bring out some changes soon if she wants her loyal fans to stick to her.