Human body needs vitamin supplements, either through their regular diets or through some supplementary medicine. While growing up, you must have had at least some vitamin pills and remember the time when there were tasty candy like vitamin pills you had to take? Maybe you do. A human body can’t just take vitamins and essential nutrients once in a lifetime and keep going with that. The needs are constantly growing, the body is in a consistent need of vitamins and nutrients. These elements need to be replenished, and that is why a person might have to rely on a vendor who delivers vitamin supplements to them.1365085254_ayherb If you haven’t heard about iHerb, then you should visit their website. They have attractive iHerb promo code to offer you great discounts, and with these iHerb discount codes your purchase price should drop down to a bare minimum. The market is full of competition, and iHerb offers really great deals.ADN-00254-7

While iHerb store can meet your demands for the vitamins and nutrient supplements offering you the highest convenience, let us talk a few words about the impact of vitamins on your body and overall health.

Basic Properties of Vitamins

If you are to purchase vitamin supplements, you need to know some information on these supplements. There are basically two types of vitamins and they are further classified into 13 different types. The two basic types are –

  • Water Soluble Vitamins: Vitamins that can be dissolved in water are known as water soluble vitamins. Also, these vitamins will excrete through urine once the body is done using them. Body tissues will keep them in the system for a while, work in the system and finally get rid of them, that’s how the water soluble vitamins work. Water soluble vitamins are Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 and Vitamin C. However, among the ones listed only vitamin B12 would be stored in the liver instead of the body tissues.
  • Fat Soluble Vitamins: These vitamins use body tissues for storage purpose as well, however the fat soluble vitamins only use fat tissue cells. Vitamins A, D, E and K are known as fat soluble vitamins.

How do one gets the Vitamins into the Body System?

The easiest way to get vitamins injected into a person’s body system is to eat natural foods that are enriched in specific vitamins. However, not everyone can take the foods according to the vitamin chart, some people’s bodies aren’t much open to accepting vitamins from various edible sources. In such cases, people need to take supplement pills and vendors like iHerb come very useful.

What do Vitamins do to your Body?

There’s a good number of reasons why you should be taking vitamins in sufficient amount. However, if you are taking supplementary pills remember not to overdose yourself because that would have adverse effect on your body.

  • Great Metabolism: If you plan to achieve a balanced metabolism for your body, probably you should get yourself vitamin intakes on daily basis. Vitamins and minerals work together to make your cellular metabolism better, and the effect will be directly reflected on your basic health once you eat healthy, and take vitamin supplements in necessary cases.
  • Reduces Risk of Liver and Brain Damage: While taking vitamin supplements, you have to be careful about liver and brain damage. Because overdose of Vitamins A, B3, B6, C and D could actually cause your body to open up to fragility about liver damage and could cause adverse effect on your brain. However, if taken in the right amount your liver and brain would have better functioning capability.
  • Strength in Tissues: Vitamins have been well known of making tissues well-built, and properly functioning. Basically Vitamin C and D strengthens your bones, and vitamin C combined with magnesium and copper would help your body to make collagen to hold your tissues well together.
  • Anti-Aging: Few vitamins like the Vitamin E has anti-aging properties that delays the aging process and if you get vitamin E intake in proper amount on a regular basis, you should have the evergreen charm on yourself for long.


All the vitamins mentioned in this article come as supplementary tablet form. You could go through the iHerb shopping cart and order as necessary.