Windows has been one of the most popular software among computer users since time immemorial. Given that it’s been around for a long time already, everybody seems to be all too familiar with the interface, and what goes on in any windows-operated PC. “click this” would be a familiar concept we would be talking about later on.

While this may be a good thing for Microsoft, it also has some disadvantages as well. This particular familiarity could lead to people knowing more about how the software works, and therefore, more ways in order for them to manipulate it.

PC Activation is one of the preventive measures of Microsoft to make sure that everyone who uses Windows 7 and has them installed on their PCs and laptops are within the terms and conditions for software use that they have set. For Windows 7, each OS is good for one PC/laptop only.


Piracy Everywhere

For many people however, this is not the case. Piracy of the Windows 7 software is so rampant that a single CD could be used to install the Windows 7 OS on as many laptops or computers as possible. In other countries, in order for internet cafes to cut costs, all units make use of the same CD, and cheats, in the form of Activators are utilized.

Windows 7 Activators are illegal software which make it possible for you to activate any PC or laptop with a previously-installed Windows 7 software or one which has been obtained elsewhere, allowing you to enjoy having a Windows 7 OS as if you actually bought the unit. These activators are free of charge, or cost significantly less than that of a CD which allows you to install the Windows 7 onto your laptop.

Making the Most Out of Your Windows 7

These activators enable you to activate your Windows 7 – powered computers simply by clicking icons and copying a set of unique codes. Once your software has already been activated, you can already use your Windows 7 – powered PC without the notifications, and also be able to use it to its full extent.

The only disadvantage of doing this, however, is that we all know that illegal software could be used as a terminal or way of infecting computers with viruses. These underground sites may offer activators for Windows 7 and other PCs, but they often come at a consequence – and that is possibly having viruses which we all know could damage computers, causing them to lose precious data.


There are several if these activators which could be obtained online, but 5 legit ones include Windows Loader v2.2.2, RemoveWAT v2.2.6, Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3.503, Trilogy 4.2, 7Loader v5. All of which, allow you to use your software as if it is original, without the distractions. One of these software, specifically RemoveWAT v2.2.6, works by disabling the activation system of windows.

Over-all, activating your windows 7, and being able to use it to its full extent, whether using an activator, or inputting the code is not a difficult thing to do.