Phenq the ultimate fat loss supplement is claimed to be a very effective product by the company and it comes with 60 day guarantee within which the customer can return the product back. It comes with different elements fused together in one big tablet such as caffeine, calcium carbonate, capsimax powder, chromium picolinate, nopal, L-Carnitine Furmarate. These elements help in curbing the appetite, restoring the energy level, elevating the moods and burning off the stored fat. The ingredient caffeine helps in burning a lot of calories at a time.

The user reviews


Coming to the user reviews it has been somewhat slightly different. Going by the reviews, many have complained the product of not working well and not helping in fat loss from any angle. Despite the adding of clean diets and exercises people have complained regarding getting no significant results from the product. To be straight the supplement has fallen flat for most of the users. There were few customers who faced the issue of swallowing the big tablet owing to its big size which was too big to swallow.

The formula of phenq is based on the theory of suppressing the diet, utilizing the stored fat as fuel and burning off the excess calories. The body has its own method of burning off the fat. When a person goes through a stance of clean diet which has less or no carbohydrates then the body on facing lack of carbohydrates stars burning the fat in the body which is the reason being the body starts to burn off the fat. This is the whole process of burning off the fat from the body.  While exercising when the body falls short of carbohydrates because a significant part of it is burned in the exercise,  it draws energy from the fat stored which leads to reduction in fat and weight loss. Weight loss is something which has to be initiated by a person himself. It is all about 1 hour workout and 23 hours of how you are considerably spending the 23 hours.


So the phenq user review has been a matter of concern for the project because many customers have given negative reviews to the product. Few of them have just labeled it as bogus product not good enough as the company claims while few have reported the supplement to have shown weak results. Any ways, the supplement has very supporters to their side.