With technology growing in every sector of our lives, the cooking industry is also growing in its own terms. Recently we saw the advent of induction ovens in our livelihood which will help us replace our traditional gas ovens which runs on fossil fuels. That to be honest has a lot of hassle with the gas cylinder and the transportation of gas and has many safety problems as the gas spreads and catches fire anywhere and can cause blasts due to some leak. It’s not even safe for children. So the 9inductionh oven was welcomed as it works on electricity and has no fire or leakage problems. You can also control the temperature and the heat distribution.

Now we have a great new cooking device which has been designed by Philips to make our lives better. The device is called an air fryer and has been built to remove the deep fryers from our kitchens. Many of our family members love fried food and get their arteries clogged up and start suffering from heart diseases. Air fryers are perfect if you want to have your fried food and still stay healthy. They can be used to roast, grill, fry and bake. It uses the technology of efficient movement of air to cook food.


The best part about an air fryer is that it requires only one tea spoon of oil to fry, saving about 80% of your oil. So if you are a fitness freak and want to cut down on your calories then air fryer is the best device for you. There is no smell of cooked oil in your food too, which many of us hate. You can make nuggets, French fries and chips with this perfectly. And the food being healthy is a plus point.

The Philips air fryer reviews have been very good and the culinary master, Gordon Ramsay also reviewed it highly. He said that the food is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside but the food doesn’t taste the same as that of a deep fryer but is very healthy.

The air flyers circulate hot air through a mechanical fan at high speed high helps fry your food with a crispy layer on top and perfectly cooked inside. The temperature is adjustable which helps us select how fast and how much we want our particular food to be cooked. There is a timer too which helps us decide how long we want our food to be cooked, making our process and easy. With the help of a timer we don’t need to stand in front of our utensil. All we need to do is shake it from time to time but that is only with some fryers as some fryers come with the technology that shakes the basket in which the food is cooking from time to time. So the food is easy to cook and healthy too!

The air fryer was first launched in Australia in the year 2010, and it is now extensively used in Japan to make fried prawn and in America to make French fries and wings and in India to make samosas.


The Philips TD 9230/26 is probably the best fryer in the market as it comprises of a digital touch interface and you can adjust the temperatures until 390 degrees Celsius. It consists of a starfish technology which even distributes the air all over the device evenly. You can fry, grill and roast food in this with just one tablespoon of oil and without the smell of fried oil.

You can make many dishes like fish and chips and kebabs with various kinds of dressing in them without much effort at all in very less time, let’s say 15 minutes. All you need to do is cut the food and marinate it and place it in the tray of the air fryer, set the timer, chill while it does its magic and when the time is over you van just pull out the tray to enjoy a delicious evenly cooked, healthy meal. In addition the air fryer isn’t tough to maintain as most of the parts can be washed in a dishwasher. You don’t have to deal with random explosions of oil and there is absolutely no possibility of getting burnt.