If you have a diamond and you feel that the time is ripe for selling it, you contact the luxury buyers, the best diamond and other jewelry pawnbrokers globally. Unlike gold, which has a quantifiable melt value, diamond resale prices have no specific measures and that might make it tough for those who are first time sellers to know the exact value of what they hold.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcSis_wdxkRUxQ4tQ5B6lvaal1MhjvUHGBJJ4c8Ut-fl0XFJibOmxw

Here are some tips to help sell diamonds.

  1. Try to evaluate what you have by getting its authenticity and quality. You can get a qualified appraiser, one who doesn’t sell or buy diamonds, to do an unbiased appraisal for you; you will be given a view of the conditions and characteristics of the diamond, highlighting the negative and positive qualities that could affect its value. The pawnbroker like luxury buyers can evaluate it for free before purchasing it from you.
  1. Set a realistic price which will attract the luxury buyers to buy your diamonds. If you have unrealistic price, that will be the first disappointment with your diamond sale. To determine the price, asking around how much the stone can cost. Follow current market trends as they will help you to sell diamond fast after understanding the current market trends.
  1. Investigate your diamond selling options. As a reseller, you have two options; selling the diamond to the jewelry industry or to the most trusted buyers, the luxury buyers. The choice of the buyer isn’t about a high price, but is all about how fast you can complete the sale, your trust to the buyer, and your patience for marketing and negotiating. All in all, make sure that whoever you are selling the diamond to, is someone you trust.
  1. Be ready emotionally to sell your diamond. Don’t sell diamonds, then at a later date, you regret why you did.

If you follow the above tips, you will sell diamonds comfortably with no regret at all.