The coolest fashion in men’s hair styling is the Pompadour. From having a hot makeover to sporting a sturdy look and standing out in public while the maidens go gaga over the look, Pompadour offers it all.

Origin: –

The name of Pompadour originates from Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV. Originally a female hairstyle, Pompadour was launched as men’s haircut when rock god Elvis Presley first sported it in 1950.



The style can be classified into three categories. Such as- the vintage look, the modern style and the lately prevailing ‘fade’ Pompadour.

Classic look:

When one is seeking a classic and refined look he should opt for the vintage Pompadour. The upper part of one’s hair is not to be clipped higher than the crown. It does not suit the round faced or chubby-cheeked persons at all. The oh-so-handsome looks of celebs like James Franco speak for how much the style is a craze.

Modern look:

Experiments of the hairstylists introduced the world to the modern Pompadour. The back and side part of one’s hair is trimmed to grade 1 and the middle hair is swept upwards in an angle. This is a fantastic blend of the antique look and the common undercut and unlike the classic style, suits the round faced persons as well. A drool-worthy example of the look is that of David Beckham’s style.

The Fade: –

The latest trend is the ‘fade’, the modified version of the skin fade and modern Pompadour. The back and side part of one’s hair is shaved as bald as to almost revealing the skin. It then follows the mid-part being swept upwards along the top. Depending on the length, one can choose an undercut, a slick-back, the ducktail etcetera. It is an expensive style and it requires constant care.

Other Varieties: –

The other variants of Pompadour include: –

  • Psychobilly type,
  • Disconnected Top,
  • Rockabilly type,
  • Tight Taper,
  • Ducktail type etcetera.


Tips to follow: –

One should keep in mind certain things before opting for a Pompadour.

  • Franchises must be avoided,
  • Select a barber with positive online reviews,
  • Choose Murray’s pomade for thick hair and Woody’s pomade for thin hair,
  • Go for the style that will compliment the face.

Pompadour is an unmatched choice for getting a dashing makeover. The finest attributes of the style rightly makes it the top famed hairstyle for men around the globe.