Towel is an important piece of cloth that has its own importance in our everyday life. Whenever we imagine a towel, usually a picture of bulky, big cloth comes to our mind that takes lot of time to dry. This picture is good enough for normal days, but on a trip, these types of towels suck. They increase the weight of things, occupy lots of space in limited space luggage and also not very handy to deal with.


There are many solutions of this problem. The easy one is the use the pack towels. But this solution is not the efficient one as they are available in limited sizes and unable to wrap complete body. Another solution of this problem is the Turkish towels. Turkish towels are the light weighted towels that are made up of long fibres of cotton. They are known by various names. Some of them are: Peshtemal, Fouta towels, Hammam. They are available in different varieties and colours too. So apart from being comfortable, they are attractive too. You can select your favourite colour and variety of towel from the many available options.

As mentioned before, Turkish towels are very useful. They are very different from the Egyptian towels that we use in our daily lives. Here are some of the features of Turkish towels.

  • Size: Turkish towels are thinner as compared to the regular used towels. So if you want to reduce burden of luggage and need more space, then go for it.
  • Super absorbent: Turkish towels have the ability to absorb fast. They can dry you instantly.
  • Soft: Turkish towels are softer on skin as compared to all the other towels. Unlike fluffy towels, which are hard on skin while drying, Turkish towel is known for its softness.


  • Dryness: One of the biggest advantages of Turkish Towels is its speed of dryness. Turkish towels take very less time in drying and also, require very less space as compared to traditional ones.
  • Uses: Turkish towels can be used for variety of purposes. With these types of clothes, you can experiment your clothing style a lot. A Turkish towels can be used as a Scarf, can be used to cover your baby( baby blanket), can be used as a travel beach towel, can be used as a Blanket, can also act as rope and can be used to tie some knots etc.

So overall, the above mentioned advantages of Turkish towels make them a better companion.