When it comes to designing your bathroom, you must be knowledgeable about the different types of showers you can put in. After all, they not only create the design of the bathroom, but also the ambiance set when you come in as well. As a place where you can relax during long showers, you would want your bathroom to be well designed in order for you to think clearly, right? Knowing about what you will be getting as a shower will also help you save up on time and effort searching for what you want and need, as well as saving up on money since you know what you want and how to budget it.

A corner shower’s one of the most recommended types of shower one should have if they would want to save up on space without sacrificing any material or furniture. It makes the bathroom look good, but still retain the usability of the shower. But just like the whole house, a corner shower has a lot of different designs and possibilities. Even the door needs to be looked upon!


So for those who are not familiar with it, here are the types of a corner shower’s door you can choose from:

  • Curved glass doors

These are usually use for corner showers, where this door has a frame from top to bottom. They are reversible, so you have the choice as to whether you want to open it to the left or the right.

  • Sliding glass doors

These are the most common types of shower doors. They slide in or out, which save up on space, but the downfall is that depending on the material or quality of the frame, it can leak water outside the bathroom, which can create a huge mess.

  • Frameless doors – T

hese are becoming a more popular design for that sleek, modern look. With no frame and usually made of clear glass, this pivots out to the bathroom so more space is required.

bathroom- (1)

  • Bi-fold doors

This is perfect for those who are limited on space in the bathroom, as these fold in the direction of the shower.

  • Pivot doors

These are the first types of shower doors that were created. Just like joints, pivot doors are those that swing outside, pointing to the direction of the bathroom. They are a good design, but will take up a lot of space, as they require it to be pushed outside.

You can also opt to use another type of glass or material when creating your door, as it may be a safety hazard when dealing with kids or clumsy homeowners. Either way, once you are able to choose what you want, you can easily purchase if off-the-shelf or online, or have it custom made and installed, which may cost more. Do some research before you make a final decision, because even the smallest detail can make or break your home’s design!