Have you ever wanted to be a Pokemon trainer in real life? There may be times where you’ve always wanted to become your own character in the game, exploring and battling it off with different trainers and people! It sucks that you won’t be able to find any real Pokemon around the fields or your area, nor will you be able to truly meet new people who would like to battle with you. But all that is about to change! Through Pokemon Go, you are now able to become Pokemon champion all through the help of your phone.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps today. From avid fans of Pokemon to beginners, this has people becoming the Pokemon trainers they want to be, roaming around the area and catching all the Pokemon they can to fill their Pokedexes and battle it off. They are able to visit gyms and create their own to increase their status, as well as meet new people and let their Pokemon rest in various Pokestops. Not only that but players are also able to use items such as lures to capture good and legendary Pokemon!images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRksODk7T6tf1xaFONZOIBpnW20tGUHbR5IHxQDB_PHckxfY3Ff Unfortunately, the map is a bit limited, with it only showing the different gyms, Pokemon and Pokestops near your area and not the whole city! But other third-party developers have created a solution to that, which is called the Pokemon Map.Pokemon-GO-Tech2-720-624x351

What is the Pokemon Map?

The Pokemon Map is a universal map made for Pokemon Go players around the world. It can come in apps or websites, where you are able to either gather information about the exact whereabouts of certain Pokemon or to contribute your findings as well, helping people out in finding the Pokemon hey want or need for their Pokedex!

To access a Pokemon Map, simply go to any website or install trusted apps that are able to offer ou the latest updates of your area, showing you the different kinds of Pokemon you can catch in certain areas. No need to waste time constantly walking around and searching for that wanted Pokemon because you are now able to do so quickly and efficiently with the help of the Pokemon Map! Take advantage of the upgrades and technology Pokemon has for you and catch them all, awarding yourself title as champion of the app.